22° Halo by Timothy J.P. Gomez

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Timothy J.P. Gomez is an award-winning composer, performer, and educator of the Native American style flute. His distinct flute playing style and intricate melodies, along with his innate empathy for humankind, love of nature, and reverence for Mother Earth, result in compositions that emanate directly from the heart. These sublime musical creations resonate deeply with the listener on a soul level, capturing the heart, and we find ourselves easily and effortlessly transported through the imagination to other realms.

Now, what is a 22° halo? Anyone that has had the pleasure of seeing these breathtaking phenomena in the sky knows their awesome and magical wonder. That perfect ring around the moon or sun, known as a 22-degree halo, is an optical effect caused by refraction of light through ice crystals suspended in cirrus clouds or cirrostratus clouds high up in the atmosphere.

Furthermore, the number 22 is a mystical number often associated with the qualities of balance and harmony. This number can remind us that finding equilibrium is an essential key to achieving fulfillment and success in all aspects of life.

One winter evening in early 2023, Timothy saw a beautiful moon halo from along the forested banks of the Klamath River in Northern California where he lived. This majestic sighting served as inspiration for the song. When he recorded this track, he put photographs he had taken of the halo (one of which we see on the cover art) all around the studio to remind him of that special evening and the beautiful song was improvised in the recording session.

The hypnotic 6-1/2-minute song opens with a spacious, atmospheric vibe drawing us into the intrigue. Already transported, the engaging flute melody comes in softly bringing us further into the tranquil mood. Steady drumming underneath adds to the meditative, “trancelike” ambiance.

This stanza is one from the liner notes, and I think it sums it all up nicely:

So look up high, and marvel in awe,
At the 22º halo, a heavenly draw,
A symbol of beauty, a magical dance,
Nature’s masterpiece, a celestial trance.

This is a truly captivating composition inviting us to experience the magical moments in life that are always all around us. . . if we just look up.

Be sure to watch the official music video: https://youtu.be/ePwLtNKWvfg

Get/listen to “22° Halo” here: https://timothyjpgomez.com