New Age artists: We would LOVE to have a station ID from you.

Right now, if you submit a station ID using our scores, we are giving away a FREE audio advertisement as well.

So,  this is TWO AUDIOS.

(1) Make a station ID for New Age Notes Radio using our scores for branding purposes. See our scores here. (Don’t read music? No problem. Samples of our station ID here).

This means music underneath, not a dry audio! Interpret our scores in your own individual manner.  You can then voice-over/identify yourself and say something like, “This is ______ and you’re listening to New Age Notes Radio featuring the best New Age artists on the planet. Enjoy the show!” You must include our slogan: ‘Tranquil tones for magical moments.”

And then: AUDIO #2

(2) Make an audio advertisement for yourself using your own music underneath. Voice it over and state your name, what music it is that we are listening to underneath, your album name, and URL (without the www!) where people can get it.

Send both audios as MP3s (no WAVs) to us at [email protected]