“Angeline” by Rick Sparks

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

The music of Rick Sparks always has an angelic quality to it. Perhaps that is one of the factors that contributes to its popularity. His new album is aptly titled, “Angeline,” and here we are reviewing the title track and single only, “Angeline.”

Rick is a South Carolina based pianist and composer (ASCAP) whose soothing music is heard through online streaming and played on numerous broadcast media such as SiriusXM and One World Music Radio.

Angeline is a girl’s name of Greek origin. It derives from the word “angel,” and translates from the Greek to “messenger of God.”

The 5-1/2-minute piece is a lovely tribute to the three Angelines in Rick’s bloodline: his grandmother, his great grandmother, and his great-great grandmother. Through the various ups and tumultuous downs of life, the three women embodied the qualities of selfless love, family devotion, and strong Christian faith.

The composition begins with soft and pretty angelic choir voices. A gently and sensitively played piano melody line adds to the overall beauty of the piece. Strings, coming in a little later, add texture and depth. There’s a gentle lullaby quality to the song that is quite tranquil and calming. Overall, “Angeline” is sweet and loving, and this is definitely one for the relaxation playlist.

Get it here: https://ricksparks.hearnow.com/angeline

Official artist website: www.ricksparksmusic.net


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