Artists, submit your NEW AGE MUSIC for airplay consideration on New Age Notes. There is NO “pay to play” here in any form. If we like your music, and it fits with our New Age music programming, we will play it. Artists receive a royalty through the license agreement between Live365 and SoundExchange / your PRO, who will collect and distribute your royalty.


1. Submit high res (320kps) MP3s only. No WAVs. You can submit TWO of your best tracks for airplay consideration. DO NOT SEND US YOUR WHOLE ALBUM UNLESS WE ASK FOR IT. SEND TWO TRACKS ONLY!!!!!

2. Make sure your MP3s include metadata so you can get royalties through SoundExchange and/or your PRO. (See below for how to add metadata if your studio did not).

3. For metadata, include artist name, album name, song title, year, and album artwork. That is all the metadata we need for our purposes here. PLEASE EMBED your metadata and cover art into your MP3 rather than send separate metadata sheet or JPEG.

4. Send us a link to your Dropbox OR send your TWO MP3s and album cover art (please embed your cover art!) directly to [email protected] 

5. Do NOT send Spotify links! Do NOT send links or files that expire. Do NOT send your submissions as separate multiple emails. Send your submission in ONE email.

6. Do not send us music that is not “New Age.” No pop, rock, Americana, hip hop, rap. We are a “New Age” radio station playing only New Age music.

A few notes, as us creative types are sometimes tech challenged:


The best way is to never leave the studio without (1) MP3s as well as WAVs and (2) have the studio embed it into your tracks. If you don’t have that, use iTunes to do it or do this:

On PC: RIGHT CLICK ON YOUR MP3. Click “Properties.” Then the tab for “Details.” If your studio didn’t add it, just type in song title, artist name, album name, if any, and YEAR. “Save” or “apply.” That’s it!

On Mac: You might try this app: Mp3tag for OSX