“We Are The Angels” by Faith Rumer and David Vito Gregoli

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Faith Rumer is a singer-songwriter known for her expressive vocals and captivating performances. Drawing from a diverse range of musical influences, including pop, blues, R&B, and world music, Rumer’s music crosses genres and resonates with audiences worldwide.

David Vito Gregoli is a producer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist celebrated for his versatile and innovative musical contributions. His career spans multiple collaborations with world-renowned artists, and he Gregoli brings a wealth of experience and artistry to every project he undertakes.

The uplifting “We Are The Angels” is a “New Age Pop” collaboration between Rumer and Gregoli. It’s their first, with many more to come.

The lovely vocals in “We Are The Angels,” were written by Faith Rumer, with some additions by Vito, and are performed flawlessly here by Faith with backing vocals by both Faith and Vito. Faith’s voice is quite heavenly, underlining the theme of the song. Vito’s stellar performances on guitar, mandolin, bass, drums, and keyboards showcase his exceptional musical talent. And, of course, we have outstanding production by Vito. Perfection, in fact.

“We’ve got to carry each other
Raise our voices to the sky
Carry each other
Shine light into the night. . .

We are the angels. . .”

This inspiring, soul-elevating song is one that sticks in the mind and helps us carry the “feel-good” vibe through the whole day. We all need a little of that right now and, indeed, this is definitely one for the playlist.

Who are the angels anyway? I think they are here.

Get “We Are The Angels” here: https://tinyurl.com/dxf64hcf

Official artist websites:

David Vito Gregoli: https://www.vitogregolimusic.com/

Faith Rumer: https://www.faithrumermusic.com/