“April Sky” by The Song Gardeners

Single Review by New Age Notes and New Age CD Staff

The Song Gardeners, Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe, are a California-based musical duo known for their seamless harmonies, empowering lyrics, and commitment to giving back to their community and the world. Their music is a unique blend of “New Age pop,” folk, and soul, which has touched the hearts of many and continues to inspire and uplift listeners everywhere.

Their latest single, “April Sky,” is a pop dance song that celebrates the beauty of the Milky Way galaxy and the celestial bodies we see above. The stars and constellations have long guided humanity in a number of ways. The song speaks to the special “call and answer” relationship that exists between civilization and the cosmos, not only in the month of April, but eternally.

What is particularly alluring here is how Corrie and Mary blend their voices together effortlessly to create a rich, textured, and harmonious sound. The ethereal opening expands and builds nicely into a lively pop dance beat with piano, synth, guitar, bass, drums, and percussion that invites us to get up, dance joyfully, and celebrate life in all its magnificence.

Along with great lyrics, the glorious “April Sky” features Mary Gospe on lead and backing vocals, Corrie Dunn on piano and backing vocals, James Butler on synth, bass, and percussion, plus David Scheibner on guitars, drums, and synth.

“In this April sky, constellations align
To send a message, pure and true
We’re here, they say, and if you look our way
We’ll give you guidance and direction, mmmm
Love, light and protection
Under this April sky . . .

The silence speaks to my soul
As the North Star points me home. . .”

Of note, as well, is the heavenly cover art, which features a photo taken by astro-photographer Alan Dyer of AmazingSKY.com. The photo is of the Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) July 27, 2020 from the Columbia Icefields (Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada).

Another timeless hit from The Song Gardeners, elevate your spirit anytime with the wonderful and upbeat, “April Sky.”

Get it here: https://lnk.dmsmusic.co/thesonggardeners_aprilsky

Official artist website: https://www.thesonggardeners.com


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