Breathe III by Juliet Lyons

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

I think we can all agree on something. Breathing is important. And, perhaps, this is something we take for granted, or don’t even consciously think about. The beautiful new single by Juliet Lyons, “Breathe III,” featuring piano, synth, and Juliet’s always beyond amazing and ethereal vocals, is a soothing reminder that we can all find peace and tranquility in the simple act and gift of breathing.

Juliet is a very well-known singer-songwriter and composer for the TV and film industry. She has too many stellar credits than space permits to list here. But, to name a few, she was the featured vocalist in the movie trailer for Disney’s movie, “Cinderella” (song: “Aeon” by Nick Murray) and recognized as well for her cover of Billy Idol’s song, “White Wedding,” in the television show “Pretty Little Liars.” So, suffice it to say, she has an incredible voice you’ve probably heard in your favorite movie or show, perhaps without knowing.

As of this writing, her song, “Breathe III,” is nominated for the Hollywood Independent Music Awards in the New Age category.  The piece is part of a collection of three songs altogether, and at the moment, the first two songs can be heard only on the meditation app, Insight Timer, through their “Plus” program. “Breath of Gratitude,” the full-length album, will be released in 2024.

Now, what makes Juliet even more fascinating as a vocalist, besides the obvious gift of voice, is that she was diagnosed not too long ago with a rare disorder, Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis. This disorder is characterized by a narrowing of a specific portion of the windpipe occurring just below the vocal cords. No one really knows what causes this disorder, but they say it occurs mainly in women and comes seemingly out of nowhere.

The symptoms can include shortness of breath, wheezing when breathing, and hoarseness of voice. That said, it entails repeated surgeries to keep the trachea open. These surgeries can carry a risk of damaging the vocal cords. Can you even imagine what this might mean for a singer, especially one of Juliet’s caliber with such an illustrious career? And hers is not just a “voice.” It’s part of who she is. It’s almost inconceivable to have such a glorious gift possibly silenced.

Juliet’s music is characterized by her soaring, emotional vocals, and her use of electronic and other elements, such as piano.  “Breathe III” is gently and immensely relaxing. As the song begins with its dreamy, steady, piano notes and soft synth pads, we find ourselves automatically taking a big breath in, and then slowly breathing out, in a long, deep exhale.

Juliet’s otherworldly vocals put us instantly into a complete state of tranquility where all else melts away and we find ourselves effortlessly following the breath in and out of the body. Gently meditative and hypnotic, this is both beautiful and evocative, powerfully unpretentious, and immeasurably effective in both its intricacies and simplicity. Gorgeous. . .let’s just breathe.

“Breathe III” is available on all major streaming sites.

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