Estonia” by Richard Theisen

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Richard Theisen is a Grammy®Award-winning composer, vocalist, and keyboardist, known for his alluring and emotionally evocative music. His new album, a “New Age” contemporary instrumental collection, “Estonia,” transports listeners to an otherworldly realm of emotion and imagination.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Richard was presented with a Grammy® Award in 1985 for his contribution to the “Beverly Hills Cop” soundtrack LP. He was also inducted into the annual Hall of Fame roster in “Buddy Magazine.”

In 2019 he released his first New Age and jazz-influenced album, “Mayan Stars,” to rave reviews. A natural segue then, in 2022, as he and his wife, Gina, started their YouTube channel, NRZen, which is dedicated to providing spiritually oriented audio and video productions for the purpose of helping to raise the vibrational consciousness of the planet.

His second album in the New Age space, “Elysium,” was released in early 2023. This album won the “Best Album of the Year” award from New Age Music Planet.

The melodic, multi-layered, ethereal, instrumental music on Richard’s third album release in this genre, “Estonia” – over eight luscious tracks and about twenty-seven minutes – transports the listener effortlessly to the land of Estonia and times gone by. The album overflows delightfully with rich shades and hues of Norse mythology.  Here, throughout, lush landscapes for the mind to roam in, ancient mythology, and the mystical abound. From flowing rivers to deep, luxurious forests, the listener is invited to slow down, take some deep breaths, and immerse themselves in the the love and beauty that surrounds us all no matter where we are.

There is much to love here in every single track, which are all masterfully composed and performed. The opening track, “Freya’s Tears” stands as the first testament to Richard’s talent as a composer. The composition not only pays homage to Norse mythology but also resonates with universal human emotions. Through its superb instrumentation, harmonies, chord progressions, and beautiful melodies, the music takes listeners on a journey to an ethereal realm where they can experience the vulnerability, beauty, and power of Freya, the goddess of love, whose tears stemmed from not being able to locate her errant husband, Odin. The legend goes that as Freya’s tears hit the ground they turned into gold, and those that fell into the sea turned to amber stones. This is a great, immersive escape from whatever ails you. Be sure to watch the video:

“Brezien Dreams” captivates straight away with its ethereal vocals and mysterious, dreamy vibe. It’s a favorite, to be sure, and one for the playlist, even though you will undoubtedly want to get the whole album, which is a cohesive narrative and a fantastic escape.

“Lavinia,” a woman’s name which was popular in classical times, is a fun, colorful piece, brimming with gypsy vibes. The song is a tribute to the 900 or so gypsies that once roamed the Estonian landscape.

“Nordic Whispers” is a wonderfully meditative track, dedicated to the majestic, mysterious forests of Estonia. This is gorgeous in every regard and speaks serenity from the very first notes.

Wolves are mysterious creatures that evoke fear and yet admiration and awe at the same time. They also represent intuition, loyalty, and intelligence. “Goldenwulf” an acknowledgement to those enigmatic animals, which must certainly be part of the Estonian landscape and lore, has a magical feel to it. Ethereal vocals wrap effortlessly around the flowing strings, plucky instrumentation, and piano, giving this a timeless, eternal quality.

The title track is truly enchanting with its lovely piano melody that draws us right into the deep, ultra-relaxing fantasy. The string instrumentation is wonderful as well. From the liner notes, Richard says, “I feel a certain kinship to this region of the world and also to the culture of its people.  I’m not sure if it’s ancient memories from my Germanic descendancy or just fantasies, but I feel that I’ve spent time deep within those magical Nordic forests of Estonia.” And through his music, we are magically transported there ourselves. That is the gift of Richard’s musical artistry.

“Rivermyst” may be my ultimate favorite on this album, although it seems impossible to choose just one. The piece is dedicated to the Estonian River of Love. As this implies, the composition is smooth, flowing, and melodic. The piano parts are beautiful, and the string instrumentation makes this just exquisite. The message of the piece is that just like a flowing river, love cannot be contained. Indeed.

The brief album closes out with the delightful, “Twilight.” Soft, ethereal vocals, intertwine with plucky string instrumentation, giving this a quite relaxing and Eastern European feel. This is the perfect close to an album that we never want to end.

Let’s go to Estonia. . .

“Estonia” is available on all major streaming services. Release date: September 1, 2023 and you may pre-order/pre-save now at Richard’s website.

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