Connections by Sherry Finzer

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“Out of this world peaceful to the “nth” degree, here in ‘Connections,’ we are reminded of, and can literally feel, our innate connection to each other, and to our genuine oneness with the universe. We are also softly and gently invited to reconnect with ourselves in a deeply profound way.” – New Age CD & New Age Notes Radio

I first met Sherry Finzer around 2009, I think it was. She was hired to play at a large event I hosted in Phoenix. There was a lull in the action, so I was finally able to sit down and really listen to her magnificent flute playing. Not knowing quite what to expect, I sat there quietly and closed my eyes, letting her mesmerizing music seep deeply into the center of my being. What struck me then, and what continues to be a hallmark of her music today, is the quite healing nature of it. It was, and remains to this day, a remarkable, calming, and truly memorable experience.

So, all these years later, it comes as no surprise that Sherry, even though she is a classically trained flutist, has expanded even more into that space – a completely natural place for her and it seems quite as if she were born to do it – that very sacred space where real music for healing resides.

Since that time, long ago, Sherry has released copious amounts of flute music in the form of albums, singles, and compilations. Her latest album release, “Connections,” is the third solo flute release in her “Naked Flute” series, recorded at/in what is known as “The Tank.” The Tank seems like an interesting place to record to say the least.  It’s a real tank; a water tank that never has had any water in it. Originally built for the Rio Grande railway system to hold water, the 60′ tall tank was never used for that purpose.

At some point, The Tank was moved to Rangely, Colorado, with the intention of being used by the electric company there. However, it was once again abandoned for this particular purpose, as engineers discovered that the hill they had placed it upon would collapse if filled with water.  Sound engineer Bruce Odland discovered The Tank as a unique place to record music, and it has now become known as a special recording and performance space with a beautiful, haunting, reverberant, acoustical ambiance.

“Connections,” the album, is based upon the live streaming work Sherry has done over the past year for the popular meditation app, “Insight Timer.” Over the course of these weekly live streams, she made many connections with listeners. The improvised pieces on “Connections” were created for 16 of those listeners, with the additional track on the 17-track album being the title track, and that is dedicated to all who listen to and use Sherry’s music for peace and healing.

Some of the songs on “Connections” were created in memory of loved ones who have passed on. Some were created for listeners who connect with Sherry’s music on a daily basis. The assortment of flutes Sherry used for this recording were selected by the participants. Each person selected the flute that resonated with them most. That is very cool. Sherry met with the participants before recording and took each person’s photo into The Tank with her as she recorded. Even more cool.

Here, on “Connections,” the 17 tracks translate into a whopping 78 minutes of spellbinding, acoustic flute music for purposes of healing depression, loss and grief, and for help in sleeping, stress relief, relaxation, and relief from various physical ailments. Space doesn’t permit the addressing of all 17 tracks, so here are some favorites and highlights:

The album opens with the wonderfully soothing, “Resilience.” What a completely perfect way to begin this album. This is 4 minutes of reverberating peace that is hauntingly beautiful and sets the tone and mood for all that follows.

I am particularly fond of “Peace at Home,” which is, as the title suggests, completely peaceful in every way, and one can feel the stress and tension magically melting away. As well, the release of anxiety is palatable. Very nicely done.

“Through the Veil” is lovely and mysterious, and it’s another favorite. You can feel the tranquility resonating, reverberating, and vibrating throughout your entire being. It is at this point – not even halfway through – where you begin to realize you will want to get the entire album for the full healing and relaxation experience. “Connections” is, indeed, an album where you can actually experience your connection to all and to everyone. It is simply gorgeous in every way.

“Red Hawk Hill” conjures up soaring, majestic birds, expansive open fields, and peaceful green landscapes. This piece is also hauntingly beautiful – as is the whole album – and it’s one you feel all the way down to the depths of your soul as well.

One thing I really notice on the album, and that is quite admirable, is that Sherry has the timing of the naturally reverberating acoustics of The Tank down to a perfect science. Perfect. This impeccable timing is notable throughout the entire album, but where I appreciate it most, for some reason, is on the title track. All very beautiful, indeed, and this one effortlessly opens the heart chakra.

Another favorite on “Connections” is “A New Day.” I found this profoundly and deeply relaxing to every single part of mind, body, and spirit. This is melodic and yet meditative to the point of being trance inducing. I love it.

I do wish I had the space to address every track, but needless to say, each and every composition is special and sacred – each like a rare and sparkling diamond – and speaks so deeply to the soul, you will feel completely transported to a whole different world, no matter what ails you or doesn’t ail you.  “The Crossing Place” is a perfect example of that. It’s incredible.

The album closes out with the brief 2:22 “Journey With Spirit,” which has some very light and special percussive elements mixed in, as well as that haunting, hypnotic, almost otherworldly flute that is just astoundingly “out of this world.” Amazing. As I said, you will most definitely want to get the whole album, which is currently on pre-order with a release date of January 7, 2022.

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Composed and performed by Sherry Finzer
Recorded at The Tank, Rangely, CO
Engineers: Samantha Wade & Michael Waggoner
Mixed and Mastered by Cass Anawaty at Sonoran Mastering, Scottsdale, AZ

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