“Blue Rose” by David Wahler

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

I think there is nothing quite as enchanting as music from David Wahler. And perhaps there is nothing quite as intriguing as a blue rose. You see, blue roses are not found organically in nature. So, to find one out there in the wild would be a rarity, indeed. I also think it’s a rarity to find a musical artist such as David, who composes and plays the piano with an extraordinary elegance, grace, and refinement few can master.

In Victorian times, flowers were used as a means of communication, each type having a different meaning. Here, in the album, “Blue Rose,” we have 10 tracks of piano with gorgeous instrumentation conveying an atmosphere of the sophistication of days gone by, yet with a completely fresh, contemporary feel.  It’s communication extraordinaire.

And so, I would say the opening track, “Once Upon Another Time,” is aptly named. Smooth and gentle, with a waltz-like feel, this is a great start to all that comes next. Violins, cello, oboe, and strings, add a delightful richness and depth to the piece.

Now, there is always a story behind all music. Whether or not the artist wants to let us in on it is up to them. In “Bernadette’s Dream,” the story is about David’s niece who was born with eye cancer. As you will see if you keep reading, this album is also a story of miracles, and the young lady has made a remarkable recovery. Wind machine, softly twinkling bells, and keyboard weave together beautifully to form a light and airy composition.

One of my favorite tracks on this album is the emotionally evocative, “Il Addio” (The Farewell). The song is about the end of our physical life in this worldly plane and the voyage of the soul to the “other side” and to what comes next. Part of what makes this piece so compelling, other than the hypnotic piano, strings, and deep cello, is that much of the music for the album, “Blue Rose,” was composed while David was ostensibly dying of cancer. In hospice and not given long to live, he made a miraculous and full recovery after being given a new treatment for the cancer as a last-ditch effort. This song which emanates straight from David’s heart and soul directly to ours is/was his “goodbye” to this world. I, for one, am glad he’s still here, and look forward to much more beautiful music from this amazing artist.

We’ve often heard that “thoughts are things.” Very soft and gentle piano sensitively played and with perfect cadence on “Just a Thought,” reminds us of the power of our thoughts reverberating out in this realm and every other.

Another favorite is the memorable title track. Gently rhythmic, melodic, the relaxing bell tones and soft etheric voices effectively calm the spirit.

“Red” features muted, dreamy piano which is quite calming. Violin and violin, violin pizzicato make this simple motif quite interesting and enjoyable.

Harp, cello, strings, ethereal voices create a melodically flowing, mysterious, and cinematic piece in the lovely, “Dark Eyes.” This is a truly beautiful and magical soundscape.

I’m not sure how many favorites one can have here. You will undoubtedly want to get the whole album. “Come” is a soft beckoning, a calling, to come over to the “beyond.” A girl’s soft voice, “Don’t be scared – Come. . .” can be heard summoning the soul peacefully to the realms beyond. Violin, keyboard, and strings all work beautifully together to create a quiet, peaceful, and welcoming atmosphere.

“Soliloquy” an ultra-dreamy, flowing piano melody accompanied by plaintive cello and violin, reminds us that we have one voice: Our soliloquy. This is an exceptionally gorgeous composition which is heart-touching and heart opening as well as being extremely relaxing to the entire psyche.

This amazingly beautiful album closes out with a feeling of freedom and release with the light and delicate, “Little Sparrow.” Well titled, and the perfect ending to this masterpiece of an album, David effectively communicates the feeling of “flight” and “light” with good use of the upper piano registers, soft string instrumentation, and gentle, angelic wordless voices.

A truly special album, get “Blue Rose” here or on your favorite digital service: https://www.davidwhaler.com