Beyond by David De Michele

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

“Beyond gorgeous.” – Dyan Garris

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from New Age musical artist David De Michele. For many years, David has been putting his time and energy into training and supervising firefighters in Colorado on local wildland fires, drawing on his experience supervising crews on fires in the Southwest as a cooperative resource with the U.S. Forest Service.

Too, in 2004 he worked with Kiara Perkins to create several guided meditation albums. Now, he’s back on the New Age music scene with his new album, “Beyond.” And it is just beyond gorgeous.

David began playing piano at the age of 9, while living in Europe. In 1994, he began performing at local venues in Boulder, Colorado. Music from his 2004 album, “Passage Through the Central Sun,” has been used in many meditations, as well as being used extensively for Reiki and healing sessions. “Evolution,” a track from that album,” received airplay on Star’s End Ambient Radio.

“Beyond” is 6 tracks and about 43 minutes of relaxing, instrumental New Age music with a distinctly angelic vibe. Each piece on “Beyond” is a spontaneous, improvised creation. The music has a gentle, flowing, cinematic feel to it. The synth string instrumentation accompanying the piano is superb, and soft nature sounds plus angelic choirs add more even depth to the ambiance. Expansive without being ostentatious, the album is ultra-relaxing and calming to the spirit.

The album was released in late November 2021, and his track, “Out of Winter,” charted at #3 on our New Age Notes Radio Music Chart in January 2022. Another favorite here – although every piece is so very beautiful – is the 9-minute, “Transcendence.” This piece can also be found as a longer, 27-minute track on his 2021 EP, “Transcendence: Flight of the Spirit.” “Reflections in the Water” is sparkling as its title implies. We are also particularly fond of the melodic, uplifting, “Hope After the Storm.” Throughout the album, one feels a deep sense of inner peace that is beyond mere words. Angelically inspired, you’ll want to get the whole thing.

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