“From The Stars” by Russ Jones

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

In his latest album, “From the Stars,” flute player extraordinaire, Russ Jones, has created a collection of beautiful flute songs using Native American flutes and the Shakuhachi flute.

As a self-taught flutist, Russ first developed a connection with a Native American-style flute before expanding his collection to include flutes from around the world.  Russ’ first solo album was recorded in 2014, after which he began to perform at house concerts, New Age festivals, and work as a studio musician for film scores.

“From The Stars” is 13 tracks of solo flute that brings forth waves of serenity to the soul with its breathy, reverberating notes. Here, we are invited to simply breathe and remember our connection to the stars.

The album opens with “As I Know,” which is about 5 minutes of deep peace played on a Japanese Shakuhatchi flute that puts the listener into an immediately meditative mood with its deep vibrations.

Following is “Collision,” a song that keeps that mood flowing with its quietly reflective atmosphere. And I should mention that one aspect about this song and, in fact, all the music on this album is that it’s rather “trance inducing” and supremely relaxing in every way.

The song, “Reaching Beyond the Stars,” was played on a Dr. Richard W. Payne Native American- style Flute. The ambiance is haunting and conjures up images of a beautiful starry night where we contemplate reaching out far beyond the stars we see in an attempt to understand the universe and all its mysteries. Beautiful.

“She Knows” is softly and quietly enchanting. With the just the right amount of pauses this is perfect for meditation and connecting with our deep inner knowing and innate intuition.

The album closes out with the wonderful “Warbling Lights,” which takes us even deeper into our psyche as well as the mysterious cosmos. The album is like a breath of fresh air connecting us effortlessly to ourselves and to “all that is.” If you’re looking for something to completely relax and de-stress you, “From the Stars” is guaranteed to bring you “into the zone.”

Get it here: Official artist website: https://russjonesnativeflute.com/