Are we showing up here day after day without purpose? Do we find ourselves ambling about aimlessly with no reasons for doing whatever we do? And how do we even get to where we want to be? We do this one step at a time. And one foot in front of the other begins to create a momentum; “a state in which all factors align to achieve your goal.”

Hailing from Córdoba, Spain, Javier is a very talented award-winning multi-instrumentalist. With exceptional flow, an impressive list of credits, a great album cover, and attention to every note and nuance, this is one of the best albums I’ve heard so far this year. It defines the word, “momentum.”

You are going to want to do yourself a favor and get the whole album. Here are some highlights:

The 9-track album opens with the outrageously beautiful and calming, “Resilience.” The ethereal, angelic vocal performance is by Julie Elven, a well-known soundtrack vocalist, concert soloist, and musician based in Munich, Germany. Composed and produced by Javier, he also performs here on duduk and synth pads. Along with the electric guitar performance from Pablo Cano, this is the perfect track to begin this gorgeous album.

The superb flow continues with the lovely “Duermevela.” The fretless bass of JM Posada “Popo,” and Javier Rabadán’s delicate percussion, along with flutes (bansuris), soft piano, and synth pads, all add to the ambiance, and the song does not disappoint in any direction.

Gentle, twinkling piano (Gito Maletá) and sensitively played duduk (Javier Márquez) are skillfully accompanied by soulful string arrangements (Daniel Garcia) between violins, viola, and cello on the ultra-relaxing, “Quietude.”

Just when we thought the album couldn’t get any better, we are treated to the powerful and emotive vocals of skilled cinematic vocalist, Clara Sorace, on the title track. This is all very soothing with deep cello, duduk, and synth pads immediately calming and lulling the mind and spirit into a deep sense of comfort.

“Balada das Ondas” (translating to “Ballad of the Waves”), takes us even deeper into the relaxation. A brief piano, guitar, and soft synth track, we are invited to a restful place that conjures up visions of gentle ocean waves lapping at our feet and leading us effortlessly into tranquility. In fact, one element that really stands out in the entire album is the feeling of complete effortlessness, ease, and grace.

A lively track featuring soprano sax, EWI, bansuris, marimba, piano, electric bass, and percussion, “Pulsar” evokes a fun, cosmopolitan, European feel. “When We Leaving Home” is soft, sweet, melodic, and gently flowing. There’s a wistful, nostalgic feel here and all is very nicely done.

“Éphémère” (ephemeral), reminds us that we are only here for a short time. Double bass (Iván Ruiz Machado) pan drum, skillful percussion, and a “world” beat, make this track particularly intriguing.

This very beautiful album closes out with the quite lovely “Under No Flag.” The engaging melody line created by Javier’s acoustic guitar and oboe is accompanied by the skillful piano playing of Gito Maletá. This is one you will want to listen to again and again. Ultra-tranquil, and at almost 5 minutes, this is just perfect in every way. And it’s the perfect ending to a spectacular album.

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