“Colors” by Stephen Wallack

Album Review by New Age CD & New Age Notes Radio Staff

“Passionate, dynamic, and expressively played, ‘Colors’ is sure to please solo piano lovers everywhere. Memorable and completely satisfying in every note.” – Dyan Garris, New Age CD

“Colors” is a collection of 10 tracks of solo piano music from Stephen Wallack and is his 4th solo piano album release. All tracks were recorded on a Steinway S grand piano which gives the music a deep, resonant, and rich feel.

Stephen began playing piano at the age of 5. When he was 12 years old, he was introduced to George Winston’s album, “December,” which had a profound impact on him and his developing musical style. He also found himself deeply interested in music for film.

So much of that background translates here in “Colors.” There is a dynamic, emotional, passionate feel to all the music on this album. The album is a colorful reflection of Stephen’s experiences and memories over the past year. The beautiful cover was created by his nephew, Marlon (along with his mother, Stephen’s sister, Arika), to whom the album is dedicated. As a baby, Marlon suffered a severe brain injury, and painting with his fingers helps him stay calm, balanced, and happy.

Another thing that’s special about the album art is that it features a depiction of Stephen’s orange childhood piano, which is also a centerpiece of the album covers for his previous releases as well. I think that’s very cool, and this gorgeous, colorful cover is a particular favorite. Now, onto the music that’s beyond the cover.

The album opens with the lovely, “Birch Lake.” I love the melody here and the movement. I also love that it’s 7 minutes long, so it ends up feeling like an experience, a journey, rather than just an arbitrary tune. What a wonderful opening.

Following is the gently flowing, “Josh.” Equally as likeable, played with Stephen’s signature passion and emotion, this is also melodic and graceful and with great chord progressions.

The title track is dynamic and colorful as the title implies. I love the way Stephen has used both the upper and lower registers of the piano to create this memorable, passionately played piece.

“Stunning” is both dreamy and expressive. “Brave” is a favorite composition on the album. The melody and movement are both delightful. I love this in every regard. “Dreams” is an interesting piece in that it isn’t particularly “dreamy.” Quickly paced and emotionally evocative, it seems to go the way of daydreams, sometimes fast, sometimes slower, but always interesting. Very nicely done.

“Earth” is grounding and “bustling” just like our planet. This also is a very nicely done soundscape. One of Stephen’s talents as an artist is to paint completely effective imagery in our minds with his music.  “Hope” is another fast-paced composition. This is upbeat and optimistic. Again, melodic and interesting, with great movement. This is certainly uplifting to the spirit, with some masterful chord progressions as well.

The unquestionable favorite on “Colors,” is “Marlon.” It feels as if Stephen has perfectly captured the essence of the boy’s spirit and painted us a perfect reflection. I love this.

This colorful album closes out with “Midnight.” What could be better? Thoughts of the day coursing through the brain, the events of the day finally processed, and a perfect close. This is a completely satisfying album sure to touch the hearts of all solo piano lovers everywhere.

“Colors” is available as a physical CD as well as on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, CD Baby.

Official artist website: https://www.stephenwallackmusic.com/

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