“Quintessential music for de-stressing. ‘Must have’ music for our times. Love it all.” – Dyan Garris, New Age Notes Radio

It’s always wonderful these days to see a full- length album rather than a brief EP. “Tree Tales” is the 15th album for well-known, Billboard charting, New Age recording artist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, Bernward Koch.  The new album is chock full of dreamy melodies and soul-soothing harmonies that are perfect for relaxation and healing. This is quintessential anti-stress music.

The main instrument here across 14 tracks, is the piano supplemented by synthesizer, flute, guitar, and various percussion instruments.

The album opens with the very melodic, “The Key.” This lovely song stirs the heart and the imagination bringing us straight away into a whole different space. Ditto for “Inner Light,” which follows. There’s a peacefulness here that is palatable and puts the mind, body, and spirit in a state of ease and grace.

“Lonely Pinwheel” is a bit somber, yet ultra-relaxing and not at all melancholy. Again, what stands out is the dreaminess of it all. “Warm Fall Sun” is quiet, serene, peaceful, and feels just like a warm caress of soft golden rays on the skin.

It’s completely impossible to choose a favorite here. You really must get the whole album. We can’t address all 14 tracks here, so here are some other highlights: “Hidden Dream” is tender and gently flowing. So very pretty. “Single Young Tree” is gorgeous in every single way. Very soft synth wraps beautifully around the melody line of the piano.

“Hills and Bushes” paints a lush soundscape with its flowing, dreamlike melody and soft bell sounds. Oh, to be flying free in the air. . .what a feeling that must be. “Free in the Air” has that floaty quality that takes us right up there to that kind of freedom. This is truly one to love and play again and again. “Rare Flower” is full of gently reverent beauty. Bernward’s melody lines are beyond wonderful, so elegant, soft, and tender. One cannot help but relax in every fiber of their being.

Effortless and timeless, “Dark Old Trees” brings a sense of oneness with nature. This is spacious, atmospheric, and truly beautiful.

This extraordinarily graceful album closes out with “Autumnal Landscape,” which we don’t want to come to an end. Wonderful chord progressions here, very soft synth, and that dreamy quality we find throughout, have us wanting more. If you want to relax, this is IT. Magical.

Available both as a physical CD and digitally.

Official artist website: https://www.bernwardkoch.de/en/

Get it/listen here:  Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music.

Available for purchase at: Amazon and anywhere CDs are sold.