Wild Monsoon by David Vito Gregoli and Ricky Kej

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

What could be better than a dynamic musical collaboration between guitar virtuoso, David Vito Gregoli and two-time Grammy® winner, Ricky Kej? Possibly nothing. The 10-track digital album, “Wild Monsoon,” was years in the making, and also features guest artist, outstanding vocalist, Kimberly Haynes, on one track, “Badra” (Rain). As well, renowned South African flutist, Wouter Kellerman, joins in on “Mahatma,” making that track even more special.

Very well done in every regard, the album is an “East meets West,” world beat kind of thing, with flowing grooves and a joyful, cinematic feel. Some of the instrumentation includes, flutes, synths, piano, drums guitars, bass, and charango. It is a “celebration of the music in nature and an encouragement to find harmony and balance.” I’d say we all need that invitation right about now. So, let’s go. . .

The album opens with “Greeshm” (Summer), which is graceful and smooth, leaving one with a happy, upbeat feeling. Following is “Sheeth” (Winter). This is equally as delightful, with – like winter – its own unique beauty.

Like gently budding flowers and plants, “Vasant (Spring)” is fresh and magical. What I like here on every piece on the album is the perfect build, impeccable performances, intricate, yet not ostentatious instrumentation, percussive details, and truly lovely melodics. It’s just great music.

“Sharad” (Autumn), has an upbeat vibe, and everything has a seamless, sinuous, effortless feel. I love the interspersed male vocals, which bring even more depth to a wonderful composition.

Some other highlights: I am quite fond of “Jharna” (Waterfall), which most perfectly captures the essence of such. Great beat here, among all else, this is another one to love with its flowing elegance.

“Om Shanti, return to nature. . .” is the lovely lyric sung by Kimberly Haynes on “Badra” (Rain). Along with its gorgeous melody, this is very peaceful and upbeat at the same time, leaving one feeling completely refreshed.

The album closes out with “Baadal” (Clouds), which is a perfect close to this very enjoyable album. This has an exotic, mysterious feel, also capturing the majesty of clouds and opening the heart. I love everything about it. I think you will too.

Get “Wild Monsoon” here: www.VitoGregoliMusic.com