“Time Traveler” by 2002

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

If one were to try to define the genre of “New Age music,” we could do it in four words: The music of 2002. With their consummate ability to create beautiful, otherworldly music that transports listeners to serene and contemplative spaces with ease and grace, the group has solidified their place at the table of this genre with an illustrious career spanning over three decades.

Consisting of the family members Randy Copus, Pamela Copus, and with the addition of their quite immensely talented daughter, Sarah Copus – whose powerful vocals outshine even Enya – their music blends elements of New Age, ambient, and contemporary instrumental styles resulting in immersive soundscapes that evoke a sense of deep peace, tranquility, relaxation, and introspection in the listener. Their often Billboard charting work is undeniably and blissfully celestial.

Their new album, released June 7, 2024, is “Time Traveler.” Aptly named, the melodious, heavenly music on each one of the ten tracks on the album, transports us easily to another time and space where we get completely immersed in a gorgeous sea of infinity.

The album opens with the utterly beautiful, “The Morning Breeze.” Lush synths, strings, and the gorgeous violin of guest artist, James Song add to the atmospheric ambiance, and we are off on our journey.  Following is the equally luscious, “Falling Stars.” Here, our imaginations drift to a place way beyond this place where we are being bathed in the amazing feeling of being surrounded by magnificent celestial bodies and starlight all around us. What an incredible song.

What I truly love about 2002’s music is their ability to create captivating melodies and bring forth an effortless expansiveness surpassed by none. “Seasons Fade” is one of those. It’s wonderful with its soft and engaging piano melody, synths, and ethereal quality, further deepening our appreciation of this music.

Feeling like a soothing lullaby, “Love of My Life” is outstanding as well with flutes, strings, keyboards, and heavenly etheric voices. The richly woven-in cello of guest artist, Dan Totan, makes this extra special. The title track is softy, mysterious, and deeply intriguing, and truly speaks to the timeless nature of the universe. This essence of “eternal” is so perfectly illustrated here.

“The End of the Journey” helps us feel as if there really is no end.  The voyage of life continues on beyond what we can comprehend. This is quite angelic in every way with its soft keyboards and heavenly wordless vocals.

I’m fairly certain almost every person here has wondered what is beyond this earthly “veil.” Here, in the quite gentle “Beyond the Veil,” we can readily sense the love that we all originate from and shall perhaps return to one day.

You’re familiar with that endless-seeming song lyric, “Row, row, row your boat. . .life is but a dream?” Maybe it is. “The Essence of a Dream” has a beyond dreamy quality with lushly flowing layers of flute, soft voices, and strings. How very beautiful this is in every way, and the word “atmospheric” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

A very tender, relaxing keyboard melody intertwines with soft angelic voices in “Adrift in Memory.” This is one you could just easily float out to. In fact, the entire album – which you will want to get, not just one song – is deeply relaxing, quintessential tranquility, and perfect for meditation, peaceful slumber, spa, healing modalities, and even study/focus music.

This beautiful album closes out with the absolutely exquisite, “Where You Are.” The vocals here are astoundingly beautiful, and along with the rest, will leave you in speechless amazement. This is 50 minutes of timeless, ageless beauty and wonderment. Yes, get the whole thing.

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