These days, it’s easy to get bogged down in the quagmire of daily life, so much so that we forget that it is the joyful little things in life that stack up, weave together, and add up to bring us true happiness. We just have to be mindful and remember. Here, in their sweet new single, “The Little Things,” we are invited by The Song Gardeners to do just that.

The Song Gardeners is a California based musical group, which includes singer-songwriters Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe. They’ve been shaking things up nicely for a while now with their groundbreaking “New Age Pop,” which is full of uplifting, positive, empowering messages for today’s world.

This particular single, “The Little Things,” is harmonious, flowing, and imbued with slight gospel elements from Mary Gospe’s lovely harmonies to Corrie Dunn’s beautiful lead vocal. James Butler shines here on piano, bass, and drums. David Scheibner adds his layers of melodious guitar and synths. The production by David Scheibner, is, as always, stellar. And the whole thing is wonderfully synergistic.

Some great lyrics here:

“It’s the little things. . .that put a smile on my face
It’s the little things. . .that make this world a better place
It’s the little things. . .that matter the most
Every day I count my blessings for the little things. . .”


“In rocky situations
When all I need is peace
A little gratitude can change my mood
In a big way. . .”

It sure can. Now, we just need to keep that sentiment in our hearts and minds as we go about daily life.

Another well-crafted, thoughtful, uplifting, and thoroughly enjoyable new single from The Song Gardeners, “The Little Things” is available on all major streaming platforms.

As well, the award-winning band performs regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area. View upcoming shows on their website.

Official artist website:

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