“Send Love to Everyone (Heal the Divide)” by The Song Gardeners | Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Aaah. “What the world needs now. . .is love. . .sweet love. . . “

Co-written by Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe, a.k.a. The Song Gardeners, “Send Love to Everyone (Heal the Divide),” is the duo’s new single. The piece is an inspiring appeal for love, peace, and unity in the world.

“Send peace to everyone
Send peace to everyone
Open your heart, hold out your hand
Send peace throughout the land

We heal the divide when we stop taking sides. . .”

Indeed. What I like best about The Song Gardeners’ musical creations, besides their always uplifting lyrics, is the way Corrie and Mary’s vocals blend so seamlessly and harmoniously. Their “New Age Pop” songs are always spirit-elevating and always speak to the bigger picture.

I’ve often commented that they are somewhat like the “Peter, Paul, & Mary” of our time. So, not surprisingly, “Send Love to Everyone” has a 60s kind of vibe. Along with the always stellar vocalizations, and the meditative chant-like ambiance, here we have mandolin (Mike Gospe), drums percussion, bass and synth (James Butler), guitar, synth, and percussion (David Scheibner). Mary’s son, Zach Gospe, added some cool vocal harmonies to the end of the song. A brief instrumental break in the middle of the song gives the listener a moment to pause and reflect on the repeating and attendant message.

Here we have a pressing call to open arms, open and warm hearts, and world peace. Can we heal the divide? Have a listen and decide for yourself. Meanwhile, please send love to everyone.

Get it here: https://lnk.dmsmusic.co/thesonggardeners_sendlovetoeveryonehealthedivide

Official artist website: https://thesonggardeners.com