Present by The Song Gardeners

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

It can be quite challenging in any circumstance to be in the moment, stay in the moment, and be fully present to the moment, especially these days with all that’s going on in the world. “Present,” the new single by The Song Gardeners is a “gift” to us all, inviting us to do just that. And they make it so easy.

The Song Gardeners are a California based trio, consisting of Corrie Dunn, Mary Gospe, and David Scheibner. The innovative group is at the forefront of what we can call “New Age Pop” music. I liken them to the “Peter, Paul, and Mary of our times.” “Present,” written by Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe, is an easy to listen to, melodically vocal piece with beautiful harmonies and engaging rhythms.

The song opens with a funky bass line that builds up to a cool dance groove which lasts throughout the rest of this rhythmic composition. The lyrics, as usual, are thought-provoking, encouraging us to dance joyfully through our day and truly relate to one another, rather than burying our heads in the sand or in our electronic devices.

Corrie Dunn sings lead here with her melodically soothing voice. Mary Gospe adds her lovely voice to the harmony as she joins in the chorus:

“Be Here
Be Now
Be One with the moment
Feel the light shine deep in your soul
Be Free
Be Love
Be Life in all glory
Feel the energy
Be Present with me. . .”

Aaah. . .there you have it. Simple. Just BE.  It’s another winner from The Song Gardeners.

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Words and Music by Corrie M. Dunn
Words by Mary P. Gospe
Produced and mixed by David Scheibner
Corrie Dunn: Lead vocal, backing vocals, Nord Keyboard
Mary Gospe: Backing vocals
James Butler: Bass, keyboard
David Scheibner: Guitars