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Peter Phippen | Into the Ancient | Flute...

Peter Phippen | Into the Ancient | Flute Album Review

“Into The Ancient” by Peter Phippen Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff “Utterly transfixing.” – Dyan Garris, New Age CD What if we could transport ourselves to ancient times and beam ourselves back then to the present, carrying with us the awesome wisdom of the ancients? I imagine we […]

Joanne Lazzaro | Artist Page

Joanne Lazzaro | Artist Page

Joanne Lazzaro is our 1st Runner Up winner in the New Age Notes Station ID Challenge. You can hear Joanne’s winning entry below: Joanne “accidentally” released her debut New-Age solo Native American flute album “Under the Stars” in 2015, and was nominated for a Zone Music Reporter (ZMR), Best Instrumental Acoustic award. As a classically […]

Album Review | Apparitions, Dreams & Ima

Album Review | Apparitions, Dreams & Imaginings| Peter Phipppen et al

Apparitions, Dreams, and Imaginings by Peter Phippen, Victoria Shoemaker, Brian Reidinger Album Review The cover of this album is so different and interesting, we can’t help but wonder what’s in here. So, let’s find out. “Apparitions, Dreams, and Imaginings” is the fabulous collaboration between the renowned Grammy® nominated, flutist/multi-instrumentalist, Peter Phippen, award-winning flutist, Victoria Shoemaker, […]