“Soul Story Improvisations” by Peter Kater

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Just when one might think there is nothing new under the sun, we find out that there is, indeed, something new. . . under the piano.

Yes, that’s right. The new album, “Soul Story Improvisations” by two-time Grammy® winner, Peter Kater, is a collection of 9 piano pieces which were improvised while whomever Peter was playing for at the time was lying under his piano.

Over the years, Peter noticed that he tended to play a bit differently for different people. As well, he observed that while chatting with them and listening to their life stories, he started hearing music and melodies in his head. Intrigued by this, he began to invite individuals to lie under his piano while improvising for them. What evolved, is something Peter calls, “piano readings.” (These are available on his website, by the way). The album is a collection of some of Peter’s favorites from these improvisations.

Peter Kater is a multi-Platinum selling pianist/composer who has been at the forefront of contemporary instrumental music for 4 decades. In addition to having been nominated 14 times for a Grammy® Award, he’s received many other awards, released over 70 recordings, and scored the music for over 100 television and film productions, including 11 “On” and “Off” Broadway plays. Peter is also an avid environmentalist and humanitarian and recipient of the Environment Leadership Award from the United Nations.

This innovative album opens with the lovely, “Starry Night.” Slow, twinkling, contemplative, and relaxing, this is very pretty, just exactly like a clear night sky. Beautiful.

Following is the equally beautiful, “Touch of Rain.” Melodic and flowing, with just a slight touch of melancholy, this feels like a life quite well lived and with any remaining regrets reconciled. There is depth and richness here that is truly heart-warming.

Forward moving and graceful, “The Path is Clear,” is a delightful piece. There is a memorable melody here along with great chord progressions, which uplift the spirit and show us the light ahead, especially at the very end. Love this.

One of my favorites here – and that is actually an impossible choice because each song represents someone’s unique journey – is “Spiral Outward.” The movement is oscillating and scintillating. The melody is elegant and sophisticated. We can literally feel ourselves becoming one with the spiral of life. Nicely done.

“Find Me” starts off a little shy and quiet and blossoms into full blown winsomeness. This is very enjoyable to be sure. The title track is yet another favorite with its distinctive Peter Kater flair. Dramatic, refined, graceful, and elegant, this is one to love in every regard. Nothing boring here – it’s breathtakingly beautiful music – and Peter has perfectly captured and portrayed the nuances and rich textures of life. Outstanding.

“Majesty Falling” is 6 minutes of splendorous pulchritude that sticks with you long after the piece is over. This composition feels like we are being embraced by a gentle waterfall. Just like that.

Extremely calming to the spirit is the exquisite, “Full Circle.” Played with passion, eloquence, and grace, this has a lullaby quality which brings immediate serenity to the soul.

This superbly sublime album closes out with, “United.” Tender, flowing, and expressive, we just simply don’t need anything else. Just gorgeous through and through. I would say without a doubt, Peter has done it again. Do yourself a favor and get the whole thing. Your soul will thank you.

August 26, 2022, release date. Pre-order now here:  https://amzn.to/3PGXf41

Official artist website: https://peterkater.com/


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