The Song Gardeners continue to “bring it” in the area of “New Age Pop,” with their newest “groovy” vocal release, “Within.” The Song Gardeners are a San Francisco based musical group consisting of singer-songwriters and vocalists, Mary Gospe and Corrie Dunn, plus David Scheibner (guitars, synth). Here, we have the addition of James Butler on bass and keys.

Mary takes the lead on “Within” with her “sweet as honey” vocals pouring love gently onto us, while Corrie Dunn creates truly outstanding harmonies with her ethereal backing vocals. Production, as always, is stellar.

Warm, dreamy, and atmospheric, with a nice chill beat, the listener is invited to go within and live with love, gratitude, compassion, and courage to speak the truth. In turn, we are invited to shine those authentic, positive emotions out into the world. “The love you feel inside is what you bring to the world, feel it now. . .within. . .”

“It all begins within

The feelings and the healing

It all begins within, gratitude. . .”

At 4:12, this is a good length for this heart-warming, empowering, spiritually relevant song. And like all their creations, “Within” is beautiful and timeless, although this one is particularly so. Excellent.

Be sure to watch the lyric video on YouTube or Vimeo, which takes the listener on a mesmerizing, meditative journey: and

“Within” will be released on August 25, 2022, on all popular streaming platforms. Pre-save now or  stream/buy upon release at:

Official artist website:

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