“Softer Than Silence” by New Latitude (Dave Erickson and Jim Carr)

Single review | New Age CD, Zone Music Reporter (ZMR), and New Age Notes Radio

Is there anything more pretty, refreshing, and tranquil than freshly fallen snow in a pine forest? Colorado based guitarists and composers Dave Erickson and Jim Carr bring their passion for contemporary instrumental acoustic guitar music to their new single release, “Softer Than Silence.”  The song title – a perfect description – was inspired by the poem “The Snowing of the Pines” by Thomas Wentworth.

“Softer than silence, stiller than still air. . .”

This is a truly delightful song, melodic and uplifting, and one that paints a perfect soundscape of the tranquility and peace that exists in the special beauty of freshly fallen snow. I think there is nothing quite like it, truly. Okay, I’m a southern Arizona girl, so snow is not something we see often here or even like. But I remember it well from living in other parts of the country. And there is, indeed, a special kind of magic to it, a perfect pristineness, especially when one experiences a fresh snowfall in a forest. And there is a special kind of magic to this song as well, so much so that I found myself wanting to play it over and over again. And did.

The composition is impeccable, as is the production. The melody is as pretty as can be, and the guitar performances flawless. The super light percussion is lovely as well, perfectly capturing that “lighter than air” feeling. This is certainly one for the playlist. It’s a happy song. And we can all use a little of that. Timely now, but rejuvenating and refreshing for any time of year, and very well done. I hope we hear more from New Latitude soon.

Get the single, “Softer Than Silence” here: http://www.newlatitudemusic.com/home.html or on your favorite streaming platform.