The Shores of Atlantis” by Ross Mitchell

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

The lost city of Atlantis is a legendary tale that has captivated the imaginations of many for centuries. The story of Atlantis originates from ancient Greek philosopher Plato, who described it as a powerful and advanced civilization that mysteriously disappeared into the depths of the sea.

Whether or not Atlantis was a real physical place or a metaphorical space, perhaps, as the legend goes, symbolizing the consequences of human arrogance and the impermanence of even the most powerful civilizations, is part of the great mystery that has lived on and on.

Ross Mitchell is a pianist, composer, and musicologist who blends these three different roles together through his music. His compositions feature a unique style of pianistic writing that draws on various genres and historical periods and brings those interesting compositions into existence in this dimension. I think one might call it some type of left brain/right brain integration. As you listen to Ross’ music, you can feel this amalgamation translating through to your own psyche.

Ross’ new single, “The Shores of Atlantis” is a journey to the lost city of Atlantis. Here, Ross takes the elegance of classical piano and infuses it with the vibrancy of contemporary melodies and harmonies. This is an intriguing fusion of classical precision and modern flair.  The listener is effortlessly transported to Atlantis by the movement of the piano, which forms a stable under-beat similar to a gentle ocean current that steadily carries us on our way.

The very pretty orchestration forms a captivating aura that wraps the listener in a comforting embrace along the way. Gorgeous cello by Christopher Ye adds even more depth and texture to the mix.  After “arrival,” powerful piano chords come in, representing the pillars that support the city. Some great elements to this song that I like very much are the movement, build, and breathing spaces. There’s a timeless quality to this music that hints, perhaps, at great classical pianists of the past, yet Ross injects it with a freshness that makes it relevant and appealing to a diverse audience.

This is lovely and most enchanting, just like the legend itself. Very nicely done.

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