“Song of the Violin” by Ronald Van Deurzen and Prapad Kwanpradub

Single Review for New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio

A dreamy, cinematic, nostalgic, classical, yet folksy, collaboration between two great musicians that will linger long in your heart. – New Age Notes Radio

For anyone who has ever played the violin, you know what a special instrument it is. It’s intimate, yet big in its own way. The love that emanates through this little instrument vibrates in a big way throughout the entire body. “Song of the Violin,” a collaboration between award-winning New Age composer and pianist, Ronald Van Deurzen, and violinist Prapad Kwanpradub, brings forth this feeling for the listener in a beautiful and memorable way that will linger long in your heart.

Here in the lilting “Song of the Violin,” Ronald contributes the full orchestral arrangement, the classical piano, and performs on harpsichord. Prapad wrote and performs the poignant and flowing violin melody. The result is a dreamy, cinematic, nostalgic, and at the same time, folksy kind of classical piece that is quite enjoyable all through. It’s got an “east meets west” kind of feel in there as well and was nominated for an award at the 2021 InterContinental Music Awards.

The piano is wonderful here, as is the orchestral arrangement, including the underlying rhythmic beat, which has an almost march-like quality. And along with the sentimental violin melody, it’s all very pretty, interesting, emotionally moving, and uplifting. Nicely played, the violin truly sings here, and the piece has its own special and magical quality to it. I love the surrealistic cover art as well.

This is one for the playlist of violin lovers everywhere, and it would also be enjoyable to hear live in concert. The first concert performance of “Song of the Violin” was for live symphonic orchestra at Central Festival in Thailand. I expect there will be many more to come for this lovely song.

Listen /get it here:  https://ronaldvandeurzen.bandcamp.com/track/song-of-the-violin

Official Artist Website: https://www.ronaldvandeurzen.com/