“Pillars of Faith” by Ronald Van Deurzen

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Ronald Van Deurzen is an award-winning pianist and composer of New Age music as well as cinematic music. He combines styles from several different genres such as ambient, classical, folk, and world music to create his musical artistry. It all works beautifully. One of his previous singles, “Hopeful Bliss,” recently ranked at #1 on New Age Notes Radio, as well as receiving the Oneness Award from One World Music Radio (OMWR), and “Mist at Dawn” charted at #4 at New Age Music Guide.

Ronald’s music is impeccable in both performance and composition, as well as coming straight from the heart, so I was excited to be asked to review his newest single, “Pillars of Faith.”

The newly released single (October 18, 2022) features the lovely vocal of Ffion Elisa. Ffion is an exceptionally talented bilingual vocalist, songwriter, and voice-over talent, based in North Wales, UK.  Her dynamic voice has been featured in cinematic films, and documentary scores, as well as on video game soundtracks (Homeworld 3, Last Epoch). Here, Ffion’s mystical vocals on “Pillars of Faith” are sung in a fictional language, giving the piece an ethereal, other-worldly feel.

The song speaks to having faith, strength, fortitude, and perseverance, in order to get through the adversities, trials, and tribulations of life. It’s about standing firmly in that quiet power and moving forward gracefully.

The musical style here is New Age, Celtic, fantasy. The piano is wonderful, with a pretty melody, and the instrumentation is gorgeous as well. Ffion’s vocals are beautiful, and nothing here overpowers anything else, as it should be. It all flows perfectly in a soul-soothing, uplifting piece that elevates the spirit and transports us effortlessly to a place of peace. Beautiful. Keep the faith.

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Official artist website: https://ronaldvandeurzen.com/