“’Lady of Grace’ is elegant, melodic, and outstandingly composed and played, right up there with the masters.” – Dyan Garris

Being a classically trained pianist, I, for one, can truly appreciate a good classical piano piece. If you are a lover of classical piano pieces, then I ‘m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. “Lady of Grace” is the new single by pianist and composer Ronald Van Deurzen from his upcoming 3rd New Age album release, which we greatly look forward to hearing.

Ronald is an award-winning pianist and composer who composes New Age music with touches of both classical and world fusion elements. His beautiful piece, “Hopeful Bliss,” was nominated for an award at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards and received the Oneness Award from One World Music Radio (OWMR). As well, the song charted at #1 on our New Age Notes Radio Music Chart (NANMC) in November 2021.

“Lady of Grace” is equally as note-worthy. It’s a gentle and flowing piano composition which invokes feelings of nostalgia and fond memories, especially when thinking of someone dear to us who has passed on. We are invited here, in the midst of grace – melodic and otherwise – to remember and honor their legacy and effect upon us. This is one that fluidly and elegantly guides us forward toward a hopeful, optimistic, and inspiring path ahead.

One special thing about Ronald is that his composing skills are fabulous, to say the least. And he has a velvety, yet confident and passionate touch on the keys.  If you enjoy classical music, this is outstandingly composed and played, right up there with the masters. Wonderful!

Get “Lady of Grace” here: https://ronaldvandeurzen.bandcamp.com/track/lady-of-grace-single

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5kdNAiWX7SmUe9ErYKKufN?si=7c5ec64c8f7344ae

Official Artist Website: https://www.ronaldvandeurzen.com/