“The Winding Way” by Peter Sterling

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“Truly radiant and calming, this is the ultimate relaxation experience.” – New Age Notes Radio

There is always something magical about Peter Sterling’s harp music, and perhaps that is why his record label is “Harp Magic Music.” It is always a pleasure to listen to and review any of Peter’s music. It’s just SO relaxing, effortless, and positively heavenly.

Peter’s musical ability surfaced at a very young age, but his mystic connection with the Celtic harp was discovered when he moved to Sedona, Arizona, in 1993.  He went on to create several albums and garner many accolades and multiple prestigious awards, along with international airplay and recognition.

Born out of the pandemic year 2020 lockdowns, “The Winding Way” is 11 tracks, 50 minutes of celestial, multi-layered music, using varied instrumentation, including a custom-made Lyon and Healy electric Troubador harp, keyboards, wordless ethereal vocals, gentle percussion, and free-note chimes. The album also features G-Dov Gertzweig on violin, Richard Hardy playing silver and bamboo flutes, and Hans Christian on cello performance.

Peter says, “Life is a meandering journey down the ‘Winding Way,’ with many unexpected twists and turns along the path to the destination of our hopes and dreams.” So true. His hope is that his music will uplift people and bring joy as they go forth on their journey. He succeeds in this. The music on “The Winding Way,” feels truly heartfelt, authentic, and quite peaceful and healing.

The album opens with the aptly named, “Beauty Abounds.” Gorgeous, melodious harp and soft ethereal voices wrap us in an exquisite cocoon of pulchritude. Oh, so pretty. We are reminded that no matter what situation we are in, there is always beauty around us.

“Clouds and Sky” has us floating dreamily along. Equally as beautiful as the preceding, we don’t want to get our heads and hearts out of the sky any time soon. It is 6 minutes of pure bliss.

Stunningly superb, “Deep Dive” features beautiful, angelic wordless vocals. Flowing and melodic, this is a favorite. The brief, 2-1/2 minute “Calling Angels” is as well. Here we have those gorgeous swirling vocals again, along with harp, so beautifully and sensitively played. Quite angelic in every way.

Speaking of angels, I love it when a song is 4:44 long. That is the “number of angels.” And this album has a distinctly heavenly vibe to it all through. “Along the Way” is a magnificently woven tapestry of aural heaven. The instrumentation is wonderful as are the performances. Beautiful and memorable.

“Rose Petal Tea.” Doesn’t that sound yummy? Wouldn’t you love to be sipping that right now? I imagine it would have an instantly calming effect. The violin and harp on this piece make that happen without effort it seems. Perfection.

Sometimes, we meander on our journey and can’t decide which way to go. “Every Which Way” does NOT meander, however, although it is a brief interlude of 2-1/2 minutes. The flute performance is stellar, along with the harp, of course, and the other instrumentation.

My personal understanding of the angel number “555” is that it is a sign to get ready for and embrace changes that are coming to you on your journey. It is a sign that one should remain positive and optimistic in this transition period, and that you are being guided and assisted by the angels through this part of the journey.  The reason I mention this is that “The Noble Night” is 5:55 in length. This may be an inspiration for us to remember that there is light somewhere in the darkness, no matter how things appear. This piece is expansive and filled with light; harp and exquisite flute dancing so perfectly together in the moonlight. Otherworldly vocals wind in and around. This is another favorite. Very soothing.

Now, what would an angelic sort of album be without a fairy or so? “The Elven Queen” transports us to another time and place, a magical place. I may have listened to it 10 times. Okay, possibly 11. The vocal by the “the queen” is truly wonderful. “My heart and soul belong in the forest. . .” This is melodic, creatively brilliant, and it’s outstanding.

No matter what is going on, there is always hope for tomorrow. “Hope for Tomorrow” features nature sounds, those haunting, ethereal vocals again, beautiful strumming harp, and more. Um, yes, there is no doubt, there is hope for tomorrow. This is wonderfully healing, uplifting, and truly magical.

“The Winding Way” closes out with, what else? Love. There is always love on our journey, and “A Love That Lasts” seems like it is about eternal love, the love that is inside us all. It is interesting to me that the song is just over 3 minutes in length, but what a perfect 3 minutes it is.  Flute is utterly gorgeous here, as is the harp. This is so relaxing you will find yourself just simply floating out, remembering the love that you are and that always surrounds you. What a great way to end this beautiful album. I love this. All. Truly radiant and calming, this is the ultimate relaxation experience.

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