“Rapture” by Peter Kater

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Brimming to overflowing with heartfelt emotion, Peter Kater’s album, “Rapture” will wrap you in the warm blanket of bliss and euphoria that is true love.  Paradise found.  – New Age Notes Radio

Anyone who has ever been in love, knows that deep, indefinable, and euphoric feeling that is quite unlike any other. The songs on “Rapture,” two-time GRAMMY® winner, Peter Kater’s new album, invite us to immerse ourselves and melt into 48 minutes of this kind of golden rapture. So, let’s go.

“Rapture” is dedicated to Peter’s love, Jane, who was the inspiration for all the songs on the album. There’s something extraordinarily magical here. Just like love. You can literally feel your heart opening and heart chakra undulating while listening and absorbing this joyance.

Joining Peter on piano, keyboards, and synth strings, are Richard Hardy performing on soprano saxophone and flutes, Jennifer Stucki on oboe, Bijoux Barbosa on bass, Mark Gorman on bass (tracks 2 and 6), and Christian Teele on percussion, cajon, and drums.

The album is 12 sophisticated, refined, and elegantly flowing pieces, opening with the exhilarating title track. This is beautifully scintillating and exciting. It’s a perfect beginning and intriguing doorway into the rest of the love that is this album.

“Valley of Love” follows. The piece has just the right amount of mystery and intrigue. Need I say that the production is phenomenal? Piano, flutes, and subtle percussion add golden richness to the sonic tapestry. It’s like a sojourn into a wellspring of delight.

Tender, deep, and absolutely gorgeous, “Promising,” is a sensuously flowing love song. A stunningly beautiful piano melody is here, and sweet sax makes it even better. I think we have oboe here as well, in addition to the other instrumentation. I really love this, every note of it.

“Love You So” is gentle, yet passionate, and quite beautiful. Here, again, we can feel the love overflowing into and from our hearts. It’s like having all chambers and chakras open. The piece feels like an intimate conversation. So very lovely.

Refined and elegant, “Stole My Heart” is flowing and melodic. The piano is outstanding, as is all else. It’s perfect. This composition stole my heart in the first few phrases.

“Come With Me” feels like a bright, warm, invitation to embark upon an exciting journey. Mysterious flute makes this even warmer.  A catchy, sort of jazzy piano melody and an overall sense of joy and happiness is “Sweet Delight.” I love this too. It’s happy.

Gentle, and optimistic, “Hope of Spring” is a beautifully harmonic flow, with piano, sax, and other instrumentation meshing effortlessly together like melted golden butter and honey. Silky smooth, and another one to love here.

You know that depth of soul connection you see reflected in someone’s eyes during those special moments? That kind of connection is virtually indescribable. “In Your Eyes.” This is that. Exquisite.

When you really love someone, you find yourself capable of entering a whole different dimension of love where two hearts not only become one but totally transcend this place and time. So, just when we might think this album couldn’t get any better, “Take Me With You” takes us there. Somewhere else. This is utterly amazing.

“Morning Bliss” is soft and gentle, perhaps just like a misty morning spent with your love, basking in each other’s loving embrace. It’s just the two of you and that blessed morning. Sweet flute brings out even more depth and the muted colors in this piece.

“Rapture” closes out with the graceful, “By Your Side.” Again, Peter’s flawless piano performance is quite something. You really must experience this for yourself. The piece feels like a loving tribute and is a perfect ending to a completely perfect album.

Peter Kater has outdone himself with “Rapture.” Real love is transformative. And here is a man at the very top of his game. Without question, you will want and NEED to get the whole thing.  Each song is an unforgettable slice of heaven.

Oh, to be Jane.


Pre-release for Rapture is April 9, 2021:

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The release date for “Rapture” is June 4, 2021:

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