Sanctuary” by Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Dynamic musical duo, Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer, bring forth their exceptionally beautiful album, “Sanctuary.” We all need that right about now, but their musical artistry is truly timeless. From the very first low, gentle flute notes, you know this is something special and extraordinarily healing.

Included with the album is an art insert of poetry which focuses on peace, self- acceptance, and songs from within. With over 120 million streams on Pandora alone, award-winning multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Paul Adams is definitely doing something right. He has thirteen independent album releases to date, and is featured regularly on SiriusXM, Echoes and Music Choice. Paul is also a writer, poet, and photographer. Throughout his illustrious career, he developed an interest in playing a vast array of exotic instruments. Having also worked in the mental health field for many years, his albums are often used for meditation, help with sleeping, general relaxation, stress relief, and other healing modalities.

Hailing from Australia, singer-songwriter and flugelhorn player, Elizabeth Geyer’s musical artistry has received high praise from some of the best ears in the music industry. Elizabeth has collaborated with Paul Adams on four albums to date, including “Imaginings,” which won Zone Music Reporter’s “Instrumental Album of the Year,” and their current album, “Sanctuary,” which certainly will win many awards.

The album is 9 ultra-soothing tracks, which one can consider “sound healing,” but not what we typically think of as being “sound healing” these days. A bed of soft wind and water sounds, along with flute and sitar, wrap like a soft blanket around Elizabeth’s twinkling piano and gentle ethereal vocals, anchoring the tracks and giving them a “groundedness,” while at the same time, easily and effortlessly comforting and uplifting the spirit.

This very special album opens with the title track, which is 7-minutes of Heaven. This is just gorgeous in every way. Haunting, very gentle, low-toned flute, along with perfectly paced piano, opens the heart and draws us into the soul-soothing ambiance.

Following is the equally as beautiful, “A Forest’s Embrace.” Here we have a low drone underneath the sensitively played flute and elegant piano, along with Elizabeth’s super-pretty, etheric wordless vocals. This is outstanding. We can actually feel ourselves held and comforted by the ancient forest.

“Through the Tree Tops,” features Elizabeth’s other-worldly vocals and piano, which perfectly mix with Paul’s melodic, completely effortless flute playing. This is a favorite, but it’s truly not possible to pick such a thing here. You will without a doubt want to get the entire album. There is no reason not to and every reason to do that. This is one of the absolutely most soothing albums you will ever hear.

We can’t address every track here, but here are some other highlights: “Graceful Waters” features some gently lapping water sounds. The whole song, like every piece on the album, is so relaxing, you will feel your stress flow away.

Very pretty, soft synth, flute, sitar, and more, make “An Endless Summer” remain with us long after it is over. So beautiful.

The album closes out with the stunningly gorgeous but never ostentatious, “By The Water’s Edge,” which also features hauntingly beautiful flute, sparkling, relaxing piano, gentle water sounds. This is the perfect close to the perfect refuge for whatever ails you at the moment. Yes, do yourself a favor and get the whole thing.

More information, and get the album here at Paul’s official website: or at Elizabeth’s official website as well:

Available on all major streaming platforms too.

Be sure to watch this 7-minute video for the title track:

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