Montauk to Mexico” by Shambhu and Jeff Oster

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

It is said that music is a universal language. Never has that statement been more evident than in this single release, “Montauk” to Mexico” from Shambhu and Jeff Oster.

Shambhu (Neil Vineberg) is a renowned guitarist known for his ability to blend calming acoustic guitar sounds with elements of both New Age and Jazz into utter tranquility.

Jeff Oster is a Grammy®-nominated musician and Billboard-charting flugelhorn and trumpet player known for his distinct musical style. Jeff is also a member of the four-piece band “Flow.” (Jeff Oster, Will Ackerman, Laurence Blatt, and Fiona Joy Hawkins).

These days, Jeff spends much of his time in the colorful town of San Pancho, Mexico, while his good friend, Shambhu, is in Montauk, Long Island, New York. But time and distance are of no import to these “Gemini twins,” who happen to have a shared birthday (May 31).

They are so tuned into each other’s vibe here that the song has that very special quality to it, maybe a little bit like a street jam. Any geographic distance disappears right into the horizon, and we are a left with a lovely celebration of both coastal areas, and a mutual birthday, celebration, as well, of course.

The music is intimate, melodic, and expansive at the same time. Shambhu’s fingerstyle guitar playing is superb here, and Jeff’s flugelhorn is smooth and expressive, both bringing their respective special musical gifts to the party. And we’re all invited. Here, the listener is invited to simply relax into the serenity and enjoy themselves wherever they are. Delightful in every way.

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