Zindagi” by Michelle Qureshi

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

 Michelle Qureshi is best known as an award-winning guitarist with tens of millions of streams on global platforms. She is also a talented multi-instrumentalist who has released fifteen albums, as well as thirty-three singles and EPs since 2012.

“Zindagi” is her new ten-track album that expands magnificently on her work as a multi-instrumentalist, finding expression across many genres. “Zindagi” means ‘life,” and the music on the album explores the many facets of life through music; its joyfulness, vibrance, sanctity, and our universal connectivity.

The album opens with the mellow, “Being Seen.” Lovely acoustic guitars blend with soft synths to lead us nicely into the rest of the album.

“Eternal Loveliness” follows and is appropriately titled. Synth drums form a rhythmic under-beat to ethereal synths and dynamic melody line.

Released as a single from the album, the mysterious sounding “Ley Lines” refers to the invisible Earth grids that run under the surface of the planet. They are thought to be an interconnective underground web that connects us all.  Bowed acoustic guitar, along with acoustic guitar and synths make this track extra special.

Also released as a single, prior to album release, is the refreshing, “Rise.” This incorporates Koshi chimes along with singing bowls and synths, giving it a very distinctive flair. Seems like “sound healing” to me. Love it.

“Of The Day,” another pre-album release single, is atmospheric and expansive. Synth drums form a nice bed for the etheric synth sounds. This is rather magical.

Life is full of both shadows and light and this is well illustrated in “Tin Shadows.” Acoustic guitars, bells, and synths lend to an interesting combination that is as mysterious and intriguing as one might think.

Electric guitar and synths create the mesmerizing base for “Lovely Lies.” This is equally interesting as the previous, and it has an “experimental” feel. It’s definitely delightful and food for thought at the same time.

The whole album is wonderfully relaxing, and you will want to get the whole thing, However, “Like A Dream” (also released as a single), is a favorite here. As the title implies, this is beautifully dreamy leading us off easily into other realms of the imagination. Acoustic guitar and swirling synth sounds make this exceptional and definitely one for the playlist.

What is life without a little “Faith” in unseen forces? This is soft, tranquil, and engaging, and draws us into the mysteries of life and perhaps an afterlife. Again, acoustic guitar, expertly and sensitively played, meshes perfectly with soft synth, and relaxes us without effort. Lovely in every way.

This special album closes out with the multi-layered, “We Walked Until Dark.” Keyboard, guitars, bells, theremin, harmonica, and synths make this another favorite and the completely perfect close from a master of her instruments. . . and it’s lights out for this full of life and very special album that is a “must have.”

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