Open Window” by Michelle Qureshi

Single Review by New Age Notes Radio and New Age CD Staff

Fifteen albums since 2012, and millions of streams later, Michelle Qureshi’s music can be described as serene, ethereal, and meditative, with a focus on creating a soothing, calming, immersive sound experience for listeners. Her compositions often feature intricate melodies and rhythms that evoke a sense of introspection and reflection.

Her newest release, the single, “Open Window,” (which will ultimately become part of a five-track EP), does exactly this. And an open window, like an open door, invites us, perhaps, to step through, explore, and go deeper. So, let’s do that here.

Michelle Qureshi is an award-winning musician, multi-instrumentalist, and composer known for her unique and captivating blend of ambient, world, and contemporary instrumental music. She incorporates guitar, piano, percussion, and various other instruments into her compositions. As well, she integrates intuitive and improvisational elements along with her formal musical training.

Here, with luscious layers of acoustic guitars and very soft synth pads, Michelle has created a sense of openness that is a perfect platform for relaxation as well as introspection and day-dreamy contemplation. The piece is calming, immersive, spacious, and atmospheric, gently leading us through a portal that takes us effortlessly to an extremely tranquil place; a place of connection and rejuvenation. Wonderful for meditation, stress relief, and total relaxation, “Open Window” is beautiful, gentle, heart-opening, and thought-provoking.

Be sure to watch the video on YouTube® for all manner of different perspectives we may see looking as we do through our own “view points.”

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