Michelle Qureshi is an award-winning artist who is a classically trained guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. She has released 15 albums and 33 singles and EPs since 2012. Michelle’s music has tens of millions of streams on global platforms.

Combining her formal training with intuitive and improvisational elements, she performs both as a solo guitarist and a presenter of sound experiences. Her Harmonic Sound Immersion™ is a transformative sound meditation created by the healing vibrations of ancient and modern instruments which she describes as a kind of “horizontal concert.”

Beyond her musical training, Michelle is a Reiki Master, a practicing yogi, a student of both Shamanism and Active Dreaming, and a meditator. Professional awards and nominations for her music include recognition from Zone Music Reporter, New Age Music Guide, New Age Notes Radio, Echoes Radio, and One World Music Radio. Besides  reaching various top music charts she has several tracks on Sirius XM and Editorial Playlists on both Spotify and Pandora.

“Zindagi” is the new ten track album by Michelle Qureshi that expands on her work as a multi-instrumentalist who finds expression across many genres. In this latest project, the title unites the works thematically; “Zindagi” means life and the music here explores the
many facets of life through music; its joyfulness, vibrancy, sanctity, and the universal connectivity.


Kathy Parson’s (Mainly Piano) review of “Zindagi” states: “Colorful and expressive, without being fragmented, and with both melodic and ambient pieces, ‘Zindagi’ is an excellent and fascinating album.”


You can also get the album from Amazon:

Stream link: https://newagedistro.lnk.to/Zindagi

Official Artist Website: https://www.michellequreshi.com

Listen/buy Michelle’s music here: https://linktr.ee/michellequreshi

Bandcamp: https://michellequreshi.bandcamp.com/album/zindagi