Luminous” by Michele McLaughlin

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Michele McLaughlin is a multi-award-winning contemporary solo pianist and composer. Twenty-two albums and well over a billion spins on streaming platforms, we know she’s doing something right. The “business” side apart, her music is simply always luminous and radiant, as is she. I’ve probably said it before, but it’s worth repeating: There is something so genuine, so unpretentious, so authentic about her and her music, one can’t help but be captivated.

Her latest album, “Luminous,” is 10 tracks of just gorgeous through and through. The album opens with the lovely, “Droplets of Gray,” which perfectly and softly captures that ambiance in composition and style. While one might think this would be a sad song, it isn’t. It’s beautifully uplifting in every regard. Very nicely done, and a wonderful start to this album.

Following is, “When You Hurt, I Hurt.” Sentimental, gentle, and very beautiful, Michele again paints a perfect soundscape here. “Kaleidoscope” is fun and colorful, as one might expect. Love this! That said, it’s important to note that there is never anything forced in Michele’s music. Not one note. It all just flows.

With its quiet ebb and flow, “Shimmer,” is just that. Gorgeous, and perfectly composed and played along with great chord progressions. Although it truly is impossible to pick a favorite track on this album, I’m particularly fond of “Moonlit Shadows,” which is lovely and enchanting in every way. Be sure to watch the video for the full experience.

Exceptionally beautiful, “The Golden Hour” is melodic and glowing, exactly as is the title track which will leave you mesmerized. Be sure, as well, to watch the video for “Fireflies.” It is magical.

“Adrift” is gentle, soft, far from meandering, and is melodically flowing. There’s a genuine sensitivity, focus, and refinement here that is, in my opinion, one of the qualities that makes Michele’s music so special.

The album closes out with the luminous, and graceful, “Lanterns In The Sky.” The perfect close, to this perfect album, this is another one to be sure to watch the awesome video. Luminous. . .yes, indeed!

You will certainly want to get the whole thing. Available on all streaming platforms or directly on her official website:


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