“Unlit Moon” by Michael Borowski

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Growing up surrounded by music – Michael Borowski’s mother was a piano teacher – does not necessarily mean those gifts of music automatically transfer over to a person by osmosis. Musicality is a gift and then it’s up to you how you develop it or not.

With two previous solo piano albums released, “Peace Valley,” and “Gardens of Zion in the Rain,” his third creation, “Unlit Moon,” is as wonderful as the others, and here, we can feel him emerging and developing even further as an artist. This kind of evolving is exciting to see and even more beautiful to the ear.

What I particularly like about Michael’s compositions is they are like little stories within each one. There is nothing boring, predictable, or pedantic here. Each one goes somewhere, and the passion and emotional nature of each piece, speaks deeply to the soul.

Here we have 12 tracks of gorgeous solo piano performed by Michael and mixed and mastered by Tom Eaton. Each, as I said, has its own special beauty, and there is much to perceive and immerse ourselves in in the shades of an “unlit moon.”

We can’t address every track here, so here are some highlights: The opening track, “Immortal Love,” has a nice rhythmic base, and builds to lovely and passionate emotional expression. It’s the perfect opening. I’m particularly fond of “Sparkle,” which follows. This is wonderfully melodic, flowing, and aptly titled. The mind wanders to softly twinkling stars in the sky even in the gray duskiness of an unlit moon. Very enjoyable.

“In The Morning Light” is quiet and sensitively played, with awesome build, and brings the promise of the new day. Love it. The title track is also emotionally evocative, with perfect timing, and captures every emotion of the soft, murky darkness that exists before the dawn. Beautiful.

This emotionally stirring album closes out with “First Things First, perhaps implying the cyclical nature of things. This is very pretty and scintillating even. It’s one to get totally lost in. Gorgeous in every way, “Unlit Moon” may just light up your life, and we all look forward to more from this fascinating artist.

Listen to/get “Unlit Moon here: https://michaelborowski.bandcamp.com/album/unlit-moon

Official Artist Website: https://www.michaelborowskimusic.com

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