There are two Michael Borowskis: One makes sublimely emotional solo piano music inspired by George Winston and Keith Jarrett. The other is a smiling affable husband and father who is involved with bands near Philadelphia, PA, and tours regularly with guitar legend, Steve Kimock. A graduate of Temple University, he is a man of many passions. Behind his kind face, there is no hint at the dark ocean of poignant feelings that he routinely swims inside to create his unique and passionate music.

As a child, Michael was surrounded by music. His mother was a piano teacher and wonderful player in her own right. She was an inspiration for Michael’s whole life until her recent passing. As an outlet for his grief, Michael took to the piano as a remembrance of his mother and a musical refuge. The result was Michael’s first album: “Peace Valley” produced by Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton.

Will Ackerman said: “I’ve known and produced a lot of piano players in my life . . . as a producer, I live for finding someone who doesn’t sound like anyone else. This is true of Michael. He’s a damned good player, but even more importantly, he puts his heart in everything he does. . . one of the best. . .”

Michael’s new album (our Featured Album) is “Unlit Moon.” The solo piano album goes even deeper than his previous two albums.

His unique and passionate music is being discovered all over the world. Take this opportunity to take a walk under this gorgeous moon where you will find love as well as bittersweet heartache.

If you were to ask Michael what inspires his emotionally deep and beautiful piano music, he would probably say: “I don’t know” or that it is inspired by his mother (who was a piano teacher).

Michael smiles often. There is a softness about him like you are sure that you see his heart on sleeve versus someone who has been influenced by George Winston and Keith Jarrett. He is a pure artist speaking with his hands versus often a lot of description of music that literally cannot be described.


Track Listing:

1. Immortal Love

2. Sparkle

3. Barber’s Adagio

4. Birds

5. In The Morning Light

6. Sunday

7. Variations On Beethoven’s 7th

8. 1989

9. Unlit Moon

10. Is It Well?

11. Morning Bell

12. First Things First

Recorded by Michael Borowski
Mixed and Mastered by Tom Eaton
Album Cover Art by Jennifer Henricksen

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