Matthew Labarge is the winner of the New Age Notes Station ID Challenge. His solo piano album, Music From The Long Quiet was released Oct 1. It’s an album of contemplation, written and composed in the lock-down period of 2020. It’s a story of making the quiet good. You can read our full review of this album here.

From Matthew:

“I got my first record player in 1972 or 73 and was an album listener as opposed to a singles listener right from the start. Music took over my life. For many years I listened to every album I got my hands on at least a few dozen times. When I think of great albums, I don’t think as much about an individual piece as I do the role it plays in the unfolding of the album.

Each album I’ve made tells a story. I love having a beginning, a series of contemplations or transformations or something, and an end. The individual pieces are chapters of a novel.

Ever since that first record player, music has played a seminal role in my life. My greatest hope is to create music that speaks to someone the way that music speaks to me.”

Music From The Long Quiet: Nine tracks of completely gentle, calming, solo piano that is guaranteed to return you to a place of peace and solace. – Dyan Garris

THE WINNING STATION ID ENTRY: Matthew’s winning radio station ID for New Age Notes:












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