“Lost there Found here” by Masako

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Music from award-winning pianist and composer, Masako, is always a true delight. One never knows exactly what one may find here, but whatever it is, it is always truly well done, and nothing is ever lost.

Masako started piano lessons at the very young age of four with a focus on classical and jazz. Her music today can be described as a fusion of classical and contemporary piano styles. She has a talent for creating deeply moving pieces that evoke a sense of peace and calm. Her beautiful compositions often feature delicate piano lines, lush string arrangements, and the occasional use of other instruments to add rich textures and depth. Much of Masako’s music is inspired by nature and its ever-changing moods and dynamics. The emotional range of Masako’s music is broad, from serene and meditative to more dynamic and dramatic, but never boring or predictable.

Her eighth album, “Lost there Found here,” is twelve tracks of piano based music composed by Masako, produced by Will Ackerman, Tom Eaton, and Masako, and recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Eaton. Joining Masako (piano, synth) on the album is a host of stellar musical talent: Charlie Bisharat (violin), Tom Eaton (synth and bass), Eugene Friesen (cello), Jeff Haynes (percussion), Noah Wilding (ethereal vocals), Premik Russell Tubbs (EWI), Will Ackerman and Vin Downes (guitars), and Jeff Oster (flugelhorn).

The album opens with a soft, perfectly paced solo piano piece, “Spirit Forest.” This is deep, dark, and mysterious, just like a lush mountain forest where we don’t know what we will discover. Sprinkles of upper register piano twinkles bring balance and keep things interesting by representing the “spirits of the forest.” Very pretty.

Following is another lovely solo piano piece, “Miracle of Spring.” This is also very pretty and engaging. We can feel the Earth slowly awakening after a long winter slumber.

A favorite on this album is “Walk Together,” which opens with gentle guitar (Will Ackerman and Vin Downes) and soft percussion (jeff Haynes) and flows beautifully along from there with piano (Masako), synth and bass (Tom Eaton), and heavenly wordless vocals (Noah Wilding). This is a very relaxing, “feel good” song with some jazz elements, and definitely one for the relaxation playlist.

Some other highlights from the album: “Reasons” is another thought-provoking solo piano piece on the album. What reasons do any of us have for doing anything? That answer can be complicated. In Masako’s view, she likes the way she feels when she’s climbing mountains, feeling like a very small part of everything and yet a bigger part of the universe at the very same time.

“Brooks and Cascades” invites us further into the beauty and splendor of nature. Nothing out there ever stays the same, and in the specific case of brooks and other bodies of water, they just flow along and are also ever-changing. This is a gorgeous song with the violin of Charlie Bisharat and the richly intertwined cello of Eugene Friesen wrapping wonderfully around the other elements to give this a smooth flow and a free feeling as if we were water ourselves. This is completely lovely all through.

Masako lives in the Hudson Valley region of the United States, which is well-known for its beauty and located not too far from Manhattan. “Mid Hudson” features Masako on piano with a strong and steady piano melody line, accompanied by Charlie Bisharat on violin, soft percussion (jeff Haynes), and Tom Eaton on bass. This is very enjoyable in every regard and a quite fitting tribute to Masako’s geographic area.

This beautiful, relaxing album closes out aptly with “Into The Dusk.” Along with Masako’s twinkling piano, the track features Jeff Oster on flugelhorn and Eugene Friesen on cello, giving this piece a rich depth, texture, and mysterious quality as the sun slowly sinks into the horizon. Twilight is Masako’s favorite part of the day, and this is the perfect wind-down to finding yourself once again. Truly lovely.

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