Coastal Escape by Mars Lasar

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“A dreamy, luxurious, ocean escape that is spectacular in every note and nuance, ‘Coastal Escape’ is the ultimate answer for deep tranquility. A vacation for the entire mind, body, and spirit, this is elegant, sophisticated, and simply magnificent in every single way.” – New Age Notes

Who, among us, could not use a little ocean getaway at this point? Luxurious, lush, and distinctly “New Age,” “Coastal Escape” by Mars Lasar is the ultimate answer for that kind of tranquility if you can’t get away to the beach physically right now.

Mars is a Platinum award-winning composer/music producer with an astounding list of credits, too numerous and prolific to fit in here. Born in Germany and raised in Austria, he began playing the piano at age 11 and started publishing his own music professionally at the age of 14.  He has released 32 solo albums.  His songwriting and production talents span a multitude of genres, including New Age, Pop, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Classical and Electronica. Mars has been featured in many publications such as “The LA Times,” “Spin,” “The Chicago Sun-Times,” and “Billboard Magazine.” He was featured on The Discovery Channel’s “Movie Magic” for his technical wizardry, and he has received numerous awards.

His latest album, “Coastal Escape,” perfectly capturing the exquisiteness of the Pacific Ocean, is 10 tracks and about 40 minutes of magnificently relaxing music consisting of synths, piano, guitars, percussion, ocean sounds, and some very ethereal, haunting, wordless female vocals here and there. This album is a stunningly gorgeous “escape,” sure to cure whatever might be ailing you at the moment.

The wonderfully relaxing, transportive, “Big Sur Skies” opens the album. This is fabulous and expansive, perfectly capturing the awesome beauty of this national treasure, and it’s the perfect beginning to this amazing album.

“Valley of the Giants Revisited” follows. Valley of the Giants is a spot located geographically in a remote portion of the Oregon Coast Range in Northwest Oregon. Here, we have relaxing water and nature sounds, an equally flowing under-beat, along with piano, synth, strings, and an ultra-soothing female vocal. So beautiful all through.

Sophisticated, dreamy, and graceful, with lovely guitar, synth, drums, and haunting, wordless female vocal, “California Dreams” perfectly and completely conveys the magical ambiance of California. This opens the heart and speaks to the soul.

Sounds of a gently crackling campfire bring us right into “Carmel Midnight Shores.” This is warm and inviting with its soft synth and strings and it’s also immediately soothing to the spirit.  I really love this.

“Enchanted Forest” is truly enchanting in every way. The piece features a mesmerizing, hypnotic melody line and elegant instrumentation that will take you far away from your troubles immediately and without further ado. Beautiful.

Magical, light, flowing, and extremely calming, “Glass Beach” takes us even further into this glorious “escape.” For those wondering, Glass Beach is a well-known beach located in MacKerricher State Park, Fort Bragg, California. At one time a trash dump, the glass came from broken bottles of the local residents. With the passage of time, these are now smooth and colorful pieces mixed in with the natural pebbles of the beach. The song is very pretty, again perfectly portraying, in luxurious soundscape, the beauty of this special place.

“Mendocino Love” is a favorite on this album and reminds me a little of the late Erik Scott’s “Trick of the Wind.” Mendocino is a coastal community in northern California known for the cliffside trails and beaches of Mendocino Headlands State Park. Here, again, the haunting ethereal female vocals weave in and out with absolutely wonderful guitar. Yes, definitely a favorite.

There is something so majestic and fascinating about sea arches. “Sea Arch Sunset” is also gorgeous in every single way. Piano mixes beautifully with those haunting ethereal vocals. Ocean sounds and soft synth relax us to the nth degree. This is glorious, gently cinematic, and it’s one to listen to again and again. So calming to mind, body, and spirit, it’s my ultimate favorite on the album.

Soft sounds of sea life and the ocean mix with peaceful strings and synth, conjuring up images of tidepools, sloping hillsides, and wildflowers, and bringing serenity to one’s entire being in “Lost Coast Trail.” At 4:37 it’s also a good length. This is super relaxing, and again, amazingly gorgeous.

This spectacular album closes out with “Little River” which charted #1 on our November Top 10 New Age Notes Music Chart (NANMC). This is smooth, melodic, dynamic, and the perfect close to an album we never want to end. Piano, strings, synth, and a lovely, melody line are all elegant, sophisticated, and simply magnificent in every single way. You will want to get the entire album. It’s a treasure itself.

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