Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, Lynn Tredeau began music before she began school, inspired by the melodious voice of her father. “Music has been an essential part of my life since my earliest memories,” Tredeau says. “As a child, I remember my father singing while making Sunday brunch for our family. [He] loved to sing and had a beautiful voice.” When she was six, Tredeau’s parents surprised her with an upright piano, and her lifelong love of music was ignited. By age sixteen, Tredeau had publicly performed jazz guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, pipe organ, and – most prominently – classical piano with a command and dexterity that far exceeded her years.

A master of solo piano, Tredeau has won multiple accolades testifying to both her prowess and ability to connect to an audience, including Enlightened Piano’s Best New Artist (2015) and Best Holiday Album (2016), Zone Music Reporter’s Best Solo Piano Album (2018) (2019), and holding long standing top 10 positions in the charts across a plethora of radio stations.

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These two tracks are from Lynn’s album, “Many Branches,” available at Bandcamp.