“November Moon” by Lisa Swerdlow

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

The music of Lisa Swerdlow is deep, moving, and emotionally inspirational. “November Moon,” her first solo piano single since 2019, is no exception.

Lisa wrote this poignant, expressive song on a chilly morning in November at a very challenging time in her life. She was processing her wife’s recent diagnosis of a rare form of cancer and had awakened before dawn to feed their horses. The quarter moon was “floating like a smile” over the hills that morning, bringing her a sense of hope and, perhaps, unfathomable calm. “November Moon” perfectly captures these emotions as a lovely, simple soundscape, flawlessly and sensitively played, where we can almost feel ourselves out there with her in the reflective moonlit quietude.

The melody line is quiet, soft, slow, and deliberately thoughtful, bringing the heart a tranquility that belies the circumstances. The piano is sweet and dreamy, and Lisa’s performance is wonderful (as always), and straight from the heart.

It must have been that magical November moon smiling down upon her in the eastern sky that morning that inspired such supreme serenity. We can feel it in our soul. This is gentle, peaceful, perfectly balanced, and utterly beautiful in every regard.

Get it here:  https://www.lisaswerdlow.com/