“Elements” by Lis Addison

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

“Intriguing, phenomenal, and completely captivating in every direction, ‘Elements’ is a ‘must have.’” – Dyan Garris

From the very first notes, you know “Elements,” the new album from Lis Addison, is something quite special. It’s phenomenal, in fact, in every direction. Now, what are the elements addressed here?

Here, on “Elements,” Lis pairs both English lyrics and Sanskrit mantras that acknowledge and honor the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water elements, the “Light above,” the “Green below,” and “Happiness within.” We are invited to remember all that truly brings us joy.

Lis Addison is an award-winning composer and producer of spiritually based electro-acoustic vocal music. Classically trained in piano, composition, and Indian Raga, her first piece of music “fell” into her head at age eleven when she was practicing the piano. Her songs range from meditative to what I would characterize as almost euphoric, and her music inspires deep journey states of stillness as well as movement and dance within the listener.

There is something quite magical and unforgettable about her voice as well as her compositions. It’s as if she unlocks every mystery in the universe with that voice. This is not surprising, as she also works with the Akashic records as a soul path guide. Voices are like snowflakes, each one its own unique imprint, and the soul can be “read” or recognized through the voice. Lis is one very special soul, full of light and love, and these qualities literally shine through her music and gently pour out onto us like soothing, healing balm.

Here on “Elements,” we have eight tracks (about 46 minutes), each one exquisite in every brilliant detail. Not only that, but we can literally feel ourselves effortlessly absorbing and experiencing what I’m going to call “light,” rather than simply just listening.

The album opens with the hypnotic and chill, “The Light of You,” which pairs English lyrics with the Sanskrit mantra, “Om Baskaraya Namaha,” which is intended to invoke the “Golden Light of Healing.” It does. It’s the perfect opening, as we are invited to “awaken to the shining light of you.”

“Breathing Green” follows. This beautiful piece combines with the Sanskrit, “Om Purushotthamaya Namaha,” which amplifies the process of “Becoming All We Can Be.” As well, the English, “Drink light from the sun. . .” is the perfect pairing.  This is so good, smooth as silk, and I love the gentle breath sounds here as well.

A chill, groove “heartbeat” is the perfect underlay for “Rhythm of Earth.” This one has some jazz elements as well and will make you smile and want to dance.

The extraordinarily beautiful and flowing, “Mother Waters” is a favorite and one to get totally lost in. The piece pairs with the Sanskrit mantra, “Om Sarva Dukha Haraya Namaha,” which is an “Antidote to Sadness and Misery.” It works on every level. You can feel your vibration rising immediately, and this is just gorgeous in every “element.”

From the liner notes: “In Indian Raga, which is represented on the album, pentatonic scales have beautiful names like Malkosh, Megh, Bhupali, Dhani and Durga. Although these scales have five notes each like our western pentatonics, the intervals between the notes vary and provide a beautiful emotional distinction to the resultant melodies.” I point this out because for “Sister Wind,” Lis chose Rag Dhani, as it represented an intrinsic sense of freedom to her. That sense of freedom comes through quite clearly here. I love the piano, the upbeat, and Lis’ voice elevates the spirit to joyful heights. “The wind blows clearing the mind. . .” Yes, it does. This is another to fully embrace and love. Beautiful.

“Rising sun within us all. . .” “Fire in the Heart” is delightful and passionate. And if we are paying attention, we can feel our sacral chakra open. Very nicely done.

Feeling tribal, mystical, and sacred, “Horizon Line” incorporates the Sanskrit, “Om Dara Yeah Namaha,” which translates to “Om and Salutations to the Divine Mother who is the Earth.” This mantra pairs with the English, “I’ll see you beyond the horizon line. . .” This is about higher perspectives, and it also easily elevates the soul as well as grounds us to the Earth.

This exquisite album – you will want to get the whole thing – closes out perfectly with the upbeat, yet chill, “Choose Happiness,” which charted #5 recently on our New Age Notes Music Chart. This piece incorporates Lis’ outstanding vocals with “Om Prassanatmane,” a Sanskrit mantra to “Invoke Cheerfulness.” The English lyric: “Every moment we can make changes to the path we take – choose happiness.” Yes, let’s all do that. It feels very easy now. Intriguing, effective, and completely captivating, “Elements” is a “must have.”

Get it here: https://lisaddison.bandcamp.com/album/elements

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