Liquid Mind® – Musical Healthcare®

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The quintessential relaxation experience by the quintessential master of relaxation. Period. – New Age Notes Radio

The Liquid Mind® series is a 17-album series by Emmy® nominated composer Chuck Wild. Chuck is well-known in the New Age arena, but he’s also worked with artists such as Michael Jackson and Frank Zappa to name a few. It’s always a pleasure to review any music by Chuck from this series, as it’s just SO good, so ultra-relaxing and peaceful. This particular album “Musical Healthcare®” is a compilation of the best music from the Liquid Mind® series.

Here we have 8 tracks and just over 70 minutes of pure bliss that is perfect for meditation, massage, help in sleeping, quelling anxiety, and a host of therapeutic regimens. This is all soft, slow, sweet, subtle, and healing synth electronica, truly at its finest.

The album opens with “Surrender to Love.” And, how very easy it is to do so here. For those who are not familiar with the Liquid Mind® series, this is some of the most calming music you’ll ever experience. It’s got an effortless and heavenly vibe to it that is hard to come close to.

Following is “The Joy of Quiet.” Reverent, and dare I say, almost holy, this is like a gentle wave of peace washing over your soul for 8 beautiful minutes. That peace continues on seamlessly in “Teach Me to Love.” Feel your mind, body, and spirit relax as never before.

For those that have tried to do so, letting go of anything can be a challenging feat. The piece, “Letting Go” seems to make this perhaps daunting process completely effortless. Just let go. Of everything. How easy. This is so beautiful. All of it is.

Again, there is something quite angelic, godly, and reverent about all “Liquid Mind®” creations, and particularly the compositions on this album.  These were an excellent choice to group together. It all flows, undulates gently, and relaxes every cell in your body. There is no more stress, no more anxiety. It’s like being gently held securely in the arms of the universe and floating at the same time. “Breathe In Me” is just like that.

We can sometimes rediscover ourselves in the stillness, when our mind and thoughts quiet, and we embrace peacefulness and the truth of love on all levels. “In The Stillness” brings a “knowingness” that wasn’t there before. Stress, anxiety, and worry fall away like melted butter, and we are left with quiet wonder at how simple everything really is. “Peaceful” doesn’t begin to describe it, really. Such is the masterful artistry of Chuck Wild.

“Oneness” has got some gently percolating electronica underneath, and this leads us effectively into the flow and reconnection with “all that is.” The album closes out with the gorgeous “Healing Hands” (not available on any of the other Liquid Mind® albums). In a massage therapy session or healing session, I imagine this would be amazing. The deep, deep peace seeps into your entire being. Need I say, “Get the whole thing?”

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