Kismet” by Joseph L Young

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

There is always something inherently intriguing about the music of award-winning multi-instrumentalist and composer Joseph L Young. Joseph began playing and composing music at a very young age, starting with guitar and saxophone. Keyboards came next, and even flutes.

Joseph attended Boise State University and graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle with a degree in Music and Video Business, which not only included music composition curricula, but also the technical aspects of the business, i.e., production, mixing, mastering, and more.

Apparently, the great education paid off handsomely because Joseph is a multi-faceted and versatile artist. His musical styles span across genres such as New Age, Native Fusion, Jazz Fusion, and Contemporary Instrumental to name a few, and he has won many awards for his musical compositions.

His new single, “Kismet” – which very simply put, means “fate,” has a flowing, mysterious vibe to it that draws the listener in from the very first notes.  The song is a dreamy mix of ethnic flutes and soft ethereal vocals with a Mediterranean-style percussion ambiance.

Quite enjoyable in every way, this is immediately relaxing with the perfectly played low D drone Native American Style flute (made by Quiet Bear) and a Harper C tin whistle flute mesmerizing the listener into 4-1/2 minutes of instant tranquility.

There’s also a great video:

“Kismet” is composed, performed, recorded, performed, mixed, and mastered by Joseph L Young.

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