The Water of Life by Kerani | Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Staff

Effortlessly flow into the water of life with this gorgeous album. Feel yourself healed and rejuvenated in every cell of your body. – Dyan Garris

Music from Kerani is always magical. Based in The Netherlands, Kerani is an award-winning composer, orchestrator, and producer of neo-classical and symphonic New Age music. Her new album, “The Water of Life,” is some of the most beautiful music you’ll ever hear.

As we know, water is necessary for all life on our planet. Presenting in many forms, sometimes gentle, sometimes not, it represents rebirth and regeneration. And it’s the flow of life.

Here, in her new 10-track album, Kerani has incorporated a beautiful live string section, along with keyboard, synth, and a vocalist. The contemporary instrumental music is heartfelt, genuine, cinematic, and rich, with every note and nuance carefully crafted. She has perfectly captured the flow and feeling of healing water in every direction and dimension. And here, we can come back to our true essence just by listening.

The album opens with the title track, which is gentle, haunting, and ethereal. This speaks directly to the soul and is the perfect opening to this very special album.

Following is “Healing Rain,” which is melodic and full of build and movement. Gorgeous strings, keyboard, and synth, all add to the flowing ambiance. So very beautiful.

“Divine Immersion” is heavenly, again with gorgeous strings, and a very soothing quality to it. Feeling much like a comforting lullaby, this is heavenly balm for any troubled soul. This is absolutely gorgeous in every way.

Ethereal vocals on “The Blue Wonder,” bring us even more deeply into the journey. Flowing, melodic, and authentic, we are immersed further and effortlessly into the healing waters.

Imagine yourself experiencing a beautiful, tranquil sunset on a placid lake. That is “Sunset Lake” with all its radiant colors and nuances. Again, gorgeous strings assuage our senses in all directions. The day is done, and if we are fortunate, we get another.

A cascade of water can be gentle, can be powerful, as in a waterfall, or even a torrent. What strikes you here, in “Cascade,” is the build, the power, and the beauty of life force energy. We can feel this life force returning in every cell of our body.

Now, we all want this: “The Fountain of Youth.” Remember Ponce de Leon? Water is life. Water is magical. And so is this track, embodying all that its title promises. This is rejuvenating and replenishing in every way.

Don’t you just love the ocean? We all do, I think. And tides on their own are amazing if you examine such. “Ocean Tides” perfectly encapsulates the mystery of tides and of life in general. This is deep, moving, and lovely. We are on a secluded beach, feeling the ebb and flow of the power of water through our feet, and throughout the body. This piece is so gorgeous in all ways. Life giving in all ways, as well.

“Crystalline” reminds us of the crystalline nature of water. Dr. Emoto’s research showed this to us. The structure of water is crystalline and can be affected by music as well as many other things. This track, with its percolating synth and other elements is exciting, moving, exciting, and again, rejuvenating on very deep levels.

The album closes out with the amazingly beautiful “The Water of Life: Epilogue.” This calls to the soul in every aspect, as does the very first track, with its haunting melody and the call to remembrance of who we are. Oh, so gorgeous. So wrapped up. And so very healing.

It is completely impossible to even attempt to choose a favorite here. Each piece is carefully crafted and performed. Every intricate detail is attended to. And we feel the vibrance returning to every single part of our body. Yes, you will want to get the entire thing. Amazing.

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Some credits:   Kerani on synth and keyboards

Violins: Asia Czaj, Ewelina Krysiak, Justinas Kaunas, and Bartosz Korus

Cello: Stanislav Degtyarev

Vocals: Gwenaelle Ghislain