I don’t know how she does it, but Jill Haley has done it again. Wonderfully transportive, ultra-relaxing, beautifully composed, and impeccably played, “The Forests and Shores of Acadia,” is utterly spectacular in every regard. It’s a “must have.” – Dyan Garris

Jill Haley is best known as an English horn player, oboist, and pianist, and composer who composes music inspired by her visits – often as “artist in residence” – to various National Parks in the United States. The result is ultra-relaxing, transportive pieces, each delightfully melodic and carefully crafted in every note and nuance. “The Forests and Shores of Acadia” is her 9th recording, as equally and beautifully composed and impeccably played as all the others. This album is 11 tracks Jill wrote while she was an artist in residence at Acadia National Park in Maine. Guitar and bass on the album were played by David Cullen. Cello was played by Graham Cullen. Jill played oboe/ English horn, piano, and synths. The album was co-produced by Jill and Corin Nelsen.

Being there at Acadia, snacking on wild blueberries, walking on a soft forest carpet, and hearing the waves lap against the shoreline heightened Jill’s sensory awareness as she fully immersed herself in the experience.

The album opens perfectly with “Fog on Blueberry Hill.” We can actually feel ourselves there taking in the majestic misty morning. The piano melody intertwines perfectly with the string instrumentation and the rest. Just beyond lovely, this is a wonderful first piece that is immediately relaxing to the psyche.

The soft water sounds on “Incoming Tide,” which follows, are also immediately relaxing. Piano is deeply rich and enjoyable here, perfectly capturing the movement of the waves. English horn, soft synth, and more, add texture and beauty to the musical tapestry. This is one to love as well. But it is truly impossible to choose a favorite. You must get the entire album for the full transportive experience.

“Sundrenched Waves” is melodic and flowing as one might expect. It’s about 5 minutes of peace and tranquility as we soak up the sun and watch the gentle waves lapping up.

The guitar on “Bursts of Color” is particularly engaging. There is a fun melody line, and the piece brings an effortless sense of upliftment and happiness.

We can’t address every track here, but here are some other highlights: “Buoys” is light and airy perfectly capturing the image of colorful buoys bobbing playfully in the sunshine. “Treading Softly” conjures up images of walking gently on the green forest carpet. Through the music we can feel the softness on our feet. We can almost see the beautiful sunset when we listen to “West Pond Cove.” The tranquility seeps into our very soul.

This gorgeous album closes out with the scintillating, “Compass Harbor.” Cello is just magnificent here, as is the sparkling piano, which together, along with all else, bring us deep peace and tranquility. A perfect close to a perfect album.

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