Brothers” by Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster, and Tom Eaton

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Straight from the heart of three musical legends collaborating as “one,” “Brothers” is the tender, touching, and profoundly poignant album from Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster, and Tom Eaton.  Each and every track will remain etched deeply into your soul long after the music stops. – New Age Notes Radio

Have you ever heard some women refer to themselves and their relationships as “soul sistas?” Well, this is that, only in the divine masculine sense. And I do mean divine. “Brothers” is the collaboration between three New Age music legends, Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster, and Tom Eaton.

The music is beyond relaxing, and it is heavenly. It’s more of an effortless breeze rolling softly through your soul and touching your heart in its deepest spaces, ever so gently, like a caress. And there it remains, like the unbreakable, eternal bond between brothers/soul family. It’s just gorgeous.

This album is destined to be a collector’s item.  Jeff laughs a little laugh when I say that, but I’m not joking. If you open your imagination just a little, one could possibly get the idea that these three have made this kind of music not just in this lifetime, but in many, many others. There’s a timeless synergy here that is incomparable, really.

Featuring Will Ackerman on guitar, Jeff Oster on flugelhorn and trumpet, and Tom Eaton on piano, keyboards, and bass, the album is 8 flowing tracks and opens with “Wild Bird.” Will’s guitar is ultra-soothing. Jeff’s horn performance has never been better (not just here, but throughout). Tom’s soft bass and dreamy keyboards mesmerize. It’s a hypnotic piece, that leads us right into the tranquility.

I have to tell you straight up, there isn’t a way, or even a reason, to pick a favorite here. There is no question that you will want to get the whole album.

Superbly calming piano melts into horns and gentle guitar in “The Golden Hour.” This is immediately uplifting to the spirt and soothing to the soul. “While There’s Time” gave me chills. Will’s masterful guitar strum comforts from the outset. Soft, muted horns blend in like whipped cream, and keyboards ease any remaining stress you may be holding. So very beautiful in every way.

“Head For the Sky” is expansive in a super-gentle way. The song is almost reverent. A nod, perhaps to their time here together, having had the rare opportunity to “head for the sky” musically with no limitations between them. I just love this.

It’s them, it’s them! “Three Trees” feels like a silky thread that connects these three men to each other and their music to us. This is flowing, melodic, and quite serene.  “The Confluence,” I believe may speak to the “fate” that brought them together in the first place. Destiny, one might say. There is no hint of ego here in this or any other piece on this album. It’s just three “brothers” honoring their time together and playing as “one,” as only those who are brought together in this way can possibly do.

“It Had To Be Like That.” What better way would there even be except the way it is? Who would change a thing here? It’s moments in time. It’s choices that lead us to exactly where we are supposed to be. It’s life. And love. Tom’s piano is passionate in all the right places, yet never grandiose or blown up. Ditto for Will’s guitar. And Jeff’s horns are like pastel clouds. This is really beautiful.

The album closes out with “You Make My Heart.” The gentle, heartfelt horn solo in the very beginning is like smooth, sweet honey. The rest of it, well, this is balm for the collective soul in every way.

Like a diamond, “Brothers” is a special kind of keepsake. Authentic in every single note, the entire album is tender, touching, and profoundly poignant. Each and every track will remain etched deeply into your soul long after the music stops.

The album releases July 30, 2021. Listen / Pre-order / Get it here:


Written by Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster and Tom Eaton
Will Ackerman – Guitar
Jeff Oster – Flugelhorn and Trumpet
Tom Eaton – Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion, Electric Guitar
Recorded, arranged, mixed, and mastered by Tom Eaton
Produced by Will Ackerman, Tom Eaton, and Jeff Oster
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