“El Monteon” by Jeff Oster

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Jeff Oster is an American trumpeter and flugelhorn player known for his captivating and evocative music that transcends traditional boundaries and genres. With a music career spanning several years, Jeff has left an indelible mark in the realm of contemporary instrumental and New Age music. And now. . .LoFi.

What is LoFi? Lofi is a chill kind of musical genre characterized by what might be considered “imperfections.” A jazzy instrumental over a downtempo, hip-hop kind of drumbeat combination, along with some intentional environmental noise, make Lofi a perfect genre for study, focus, or just relaxation.

It’s definitely different, as is the music of Jeff Oster, whose artistry has always been “cutting edge.” An example of this is his masterful use of trumpet and flugelhorn which are not typically associated with the genres he explores. The result is a distinctive sound that is both soothing and emotionally resonant.

Jeff’s new LoFi EP is “høwling løøn.” “El Monteon” is a single from this EP and the single is what we are reviewing today. El Monteon is small Mexican village known for its farming and brickmaking. Friendly people, a few restaurants, and some unspoiled beaches, make this a perfect inspiration for a relaxation piece.

The 2:56 minute song opens with some low background talking, softly scratchy acoustics, and then we are treated to Jeff’s always amazing, sultry, melodic horns and a very, very chill vibe. His masterful horn playing is a testament to his musical artistry. The horns are multi-layered, giving the track added dimension and depth. You can feel your entire body completely unwinding and letting go, just as if you were, indeed, on a deserted Mexican beach watching the waves roll in and forgetting all your stress. It’s all very sexy and ultra-relaxing in every single way. Certainly, you will want to get the entire EP, but “El Monteon” is one you will find yourself listening to again and again.

As well, as an important note, all nine of the songs on the EP, including “El Monteon,” have been immersive mixed in Dolby Atmos by Todd Boston and are available everywhere immersive music can be heard.

This is not just an album/EP or yet another single. It’s an experience that has wide appeal extending way beyond traditional genre boundaries. Personally, I think it’s Jeff’s best work, and we always look forward to more.

Get it here: https://jeffoster.com or your favorite streaming site: https://songwhip.com/jeffoster/howlingloon#